Tourism Review Online Magazine 1 / 2020

Aug 31, 2020

Dear readers,

the summer season is gradually coming to its end, unlike the global COVID-19 pandemic. While health safety is at the forefront of all governmental measures, the economic impact is getting clear. Tourism is one of the hardest-hit industries.

One of the examples where tourism is highly important not only for the country’s economy but for the livelihoods of the locals are the Caribbean destinations. Most countries here have felt the dire impact of the lack of tourism. Some of them, however, remain in a positive mood.

Sharing economy is another victim of the current corona crisis. Many companies offering short-term rentals, shared car rides and the like are forced to reorganize, to come up with different services, just to stay afloat. Some of the concepts, however, are getting more popular, like bike-sharing.

New technologies are of great help to many tourism businesses that are forced to remodel their offer and services. All companies that want to attract more customers need to constantly update and innovative technologies provide great tools to do it.

Pet lovers who like to take their four-legged friends on the road need to be aware of the current regulations regarding traveling with pets. Pet passports, vaccinations, microchips – they all have been here for several years. Still, it is advisable to review our tips of stress-free travel with pets.

Enjoy the issue!

Tourism Review Team


Segments/ Sharing Economy in the Time of Crisis

Bill Alen

- Aug 31, 2020

The current Covid-19 crisis has changed a lot in the tourism sector and the concept of sharing economy was hit very hard. Travelers are not comfortable with sharing somebody’s car, apartment, or bathroom. Companies like Airbnb are thus forced to reorganize and find new ways to attract customers. As a result, new innovative projects have seen the light.

Development/ Travel World Turning to Innovative Technologies

Gary Diskin

- Aug 31, 2020

While the technology is evolving at an immense pace, all companies need to stay up to date, including travel businesses. New payment methods, virtual reality experiences, possibilities of hybrid meetings and events – many of these options were brought to light due to the current COVID-19 crisis, some of them have been embraced by the companies even before. Technology is the way forward for tourism and its segments.

Life/ Traveling with Pets without Worries

Justin N. Froyd

- Aug 31, 2020

Pets are part of the lives of many families around the world. When going on holiday some dogs and cats join their owners and set off for an adventurous journey. However, to make only positive memories both for the pet and its owner, it is necessary to be well prepared for the holiday and follow several safety measures.

Region/ Caribbean Destinations Remain Optimistic

Michael Trout

- Aug 31, 2020

Holidays in one of the many remarkable Caribbean destinations have always been a dream for many travelers. Sand beaches, fascinating sea creatures, rich heritage – visitors of different tastes and desires find it here. Yet, the region needs to fight the impact of COVID crisis like the rest of the world and it is not the only threat the tourism industry currently faces.