Tourism Review Online Magazine 6 / 2013

May 27, 2013

Dear readers

The June issue of the Tourism Review Online Magazine is here again to present remarkable places around the world. Start with the Destination supplement and explore the beauty of South Korea. Adventurous souls may go for the Adventure part focusing this time on underground places near and far. Heritage supplement on the other hand introduces fascinating museums.

Tourism marketing and its latest trends are the topic of the Professional part. Ever heard about Culpa Marketing? Learn more right now. If you want to have some fun on your next cruise holiday why not to go for some movie-theme cruise. Hobbits, Star Trek or Harry Potter – there is a cruise for everyone. Enjoy the issue.

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Worth Seeing – Unique Museum Collections

Wayne M. Gore

- May 27, 2013

Museums are one of the most popular places for tourists exploring the past and present of their destination. Discover a couple of unique museums showing e.g. the fascinating origami art, the life of pirates, the work of mental health hospital or even the culture of Pacific Coast Aboriginals.

PROFESSIONAL/ Ingenious Tourism Marketing

Kevin Eagan

- May 27, 2013

Tourism marketing is always in need of fresh ideas and impressive projects. What are some of the latest trends? What is culpa marketing? What travel video ads are the best?

TRANSPORT/ Film Fans Go Cruising

Denise Chen

- May 27, 2013

Theme cruises are growing in popularity. This year movie-goers can get ready for a number of cruises focusing on blockbuster movies and shows – Hobbit, Harry Potter or even the good old Star Trek TV series. Meet the actors, the crew and enjoy the sea.

ADVENTURE/ Discover the World Underground

Michael Trout

- May 27, 2013

Mysterious, fascinating, even scary – a number of remarkable places can be found underground. Discover the complexes in Turkey, Polish Salt Cathedral or even a whole underground town in southern Australia.

DESTINATION/ South Korea – Royal Past & Vibrant Present

Laura Maudlin

- May 27, 2013

South Korea is one of the fast developing countries that has a lot to offer to tourists. Currently experiencing political tensions the country attracts visitors with rich heritage and traditions.