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James Morris - May 27, 2013
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Interesting and quirky video ads can reach audiences in every corner of the world within a few hours nowadays. With the advent of technology, the internet does the job of connecting people. This has made it easier for various service oriented businesses, such as hotels and airlines, to make use of this marketing power and spread their video spots and ads around.

Gadgets aim at providing internet facilities to every user and the companies aim at creating an advertisement that is innovative in every way so that it can be shared through the internet.

What travel video ad was the most viral last year? Visible Measures found the top 10 travel ads using its True Reach methodology. This was based on a few criteria, such as number of views, brand's original advertisement clip, and responses to video, spoofs, mash ups as well as copies on the web.

The top ranking ad was the one by Air New Zealand that features the theme of quirky Hobbit, An Unexpected Briefing with an 11.1 million views to its credit. The next on the list is the "Be My Guest" by KLM with over 10.4 million views to its favor.

Airlines were the ones that topped the lists as they aimed at offering ads with excellent creativity and innovative ideas so that the brand name can be promoted among the customers.

Another advertisement that grabbed a spot in the top 10 was the one of Canada's Tourism Board and Stockholm's Tourism Board that ranked 4 and 10 respectively. Of these two, Canada's tourism ad gained immense popularity and shared the limelight within a few weeks of its debut. The others on the list were Tom Tom, Expedia and Disney. They showed some of the best as well as most impressive advertisements.


1. An Unexpected Briefing by Air New Zealand (11,194,716 views)

2. Be My Guest by KLM (10,425,655 views)

3. What Are You Going to Do Next? by Disney (3,550,841 views)

4. Capital of Scandinavia by Visit Stockholm (3,167,523 views)

5. Find Your Understanding by Expedia (2,317,632 views)

6. Hello Tomorrow by Emirates (1,836,302 views)

7. Map Paradise Project by TomTom (1,342,084 views)

8. #airnz by Air New Zealand (1,273,276 views)

9. London 2012 by British Airways (1,092,617 views)

10. Keep Exploring by Canadian Tourism (949,929 views)

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