Nippon Origami Museum in Tokyo Shows Fascinating Collections

Wayne M. Gore - May 27, 2013
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Origami is the traditional paper folding art of Japan that took birth in the 17th century. This stunning manifestation of creativity is now popular around the world. The Nippon Origami Museum at Narita International Airport, Tokyo, pays perfect homage to origami and is witness to an amazing array of paper art exhibits.

The museum is located at the Terminal 1, third floor, central building of the airport. Origami artists like Robert J.lang and many others have had their work exhibited in this museum.

400 Origami Creations

The museum stands witness to the fact that paper can be converted to priceless pieces of art. It is a place that celebrates artists who put their heart and soul into creating priceless paper miracles. There are about 400 origami exhibits at the Nippon Museum, each one a perfect representation of this time-honored Japanese folk art of folding paper. The museum also offers origami paper, art kits, documents, tools and books, instruction manuals for sale to the visitors.

As you wonder about the origami marvels at the museum you get a chance to purchase a number of sweet delicacies which are sold at the museum. There are both, Japanese and Western items of confectionery. Children especially would enjoy the dual treats of sweets as well as origami. And icing on the cake is the grand display of origami desserts that can actually make you feel hungry!

The Fascinating Collections

Nippon Museum boasts of simple and ornate paper collections that almost seem magical. Some of the exhibits include cranes, paper flowers and geometrical shapes like cubes. These forms and shapes are reminders of the age-old conventional origami art form of Japan. The museum is instrumental in keeping the original Japanese origami art alive and thriving.

Some of the exhibits, however, have non-traditional designs and forms. They are contemporary in nature, buy just as impressive. How about looking at an origami 'Pinnochio' or a 'Horseman'? Or an airplane like the x-wing fighter from Star Wars. There are surprises galore and each exhibit is as unique as it gets. Every display is a masterpiece in itself, a tribute to art and artistic expression in more ways than one.

As you experience the origami wonderland you'll see origami displays inside frames, in glass cases, as stand-alone exhibits and in a number of other styles. The vibrant flowers, attractive figures, Japanese couples, dolls, animals, birds, trees, huts and other collections leave you speechless. There is beautiful modular origami for you to enjoy too. The work is intricate and it is easy to see the amount of effort put in by the origami artists.

Collections at the Nippon museum also include origami clusters where you'll see nativity scenes, Dutch tulip scenes and scenes from nature that include green trees and blooming flowers. The 'Dioramas' or striking Japanese scenes from their day-to-day lives deserve a special mention. They give you a realistic glimpse into the Japanese way of life. There is just too much to appreciate around. Origami teaches you the magic that can be unveiled through the creative use of paper. The folds given have the power to change a single sheet of paper into an exotic creation. Often, there is no cutting involved.

Let Your Layovers Be Memorable

The Nippon is a salute to origami artists who have mastered the art through hard work and dedication. It is a place that inspires you to create and innovate with simple paper and transform it into something extraordinary. If you are travelling to Tokyo, either alone or with family a visit to the Nippon Origami Museum should be part of your travel itinerary. The layover hours are the best to explore the museum and show something grand to your family. It will also keep the kids occupied in a constructive way. Truly speaking, the paper displays need to be seen to be believed.

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