HERITAGE/ Worth Seeing – Unique Museum Collections

Museums are one of the most popular places for tourists exploring the past and present of their destination. Discover a couple of unique museums showing e.g. the fascinating origami art, the life of pirates, the work of mental health hospital or even the culture of Pacific Coast Aboriginals.



Museum of Anthropology: Unique from Its First Day!

Tomas Haupt

When it opened in 1976, Vancouver’s Museum of Anthropology on the grounds of the University of British Columbia was the first museum in the world to present its entire collection of roughly 20,000 artifacts for public exhibition. The majority of those artifacts had been in storage, inaccessible to either the public or academics wishing to study them, since the early 1900s so it was indeed a momentous day when a large fleet of moving vans rolled up to the front doors of the strikingly-desig...

Ahoy Mate! Pirates for a Day

Bill Alen

This Wisconsin museum shows the grit and the glory of piracy’s golden age. Shiver me timbers! They were a larcenous bunch with names like Blackbeard, Black Caesar, Edward "Ned" Low and "Roaring" Dan Seavey. Centuries later these pirates and their gutsy feats remain the stuff of legends. Thanks to an ongoing pirate-themed exhibit at the Door County Maritime Museum, seafarers as well as landlubbers can recall the exploits of these scalawags without endangering their own lives. Located in S...

A Glimpse in the Past of a Mental Health Asylum

Laura Maudlin

If you want to see a glimpse of the past, the best place to go to is the museum. There are several museums across UK filled with different objects such as paintings, antique tools and many others but one of the few which is truly remarkable and unique is the Mental Health Museum found in Fieldhead, Wakefield, UK. Part of the Stephen Beaumont Museum, the Mental Health Museum features the great history of Stanley Royd Hospital which used to be known as the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum. In ...

Exploring Exquisite Paper Art at Nippon Origami Museum

Wayne M. Gore

Origami is the traditional paper folding art of Japan that took birth in the 17th century. This stunning manifestation of creativity is now popular around the world. The Nippon Origami Museum at Narita International Airport, Tokyo, pays perfect homage to origami and is witness to an amazing array of paper art exhibits. The museum is located at the Terminal 1, third floor, central building of the airport. Origami artists like Robert J.lang and many others have had their work exhibited in this mu...