Cruise and Star Trek – Unique Combination

Michael Trout - May 27, 2013
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If you love the incredible television show Star Trek, then you will jump for joy when you hear what's coming up. It's hard to believe that you can meet your screen heroes face to face in the most exciting fashion ever. Just imagine going on a river cruise with the Star Trek actors and crew members. All your fantasies about the show will literally come to life when you go on that cruise (

Since the early 1990s, people have gone on such cruises, and now is your chance to enjoy the adventure of your life. You could go anywhere the cruise takes you. You will get to visit the most exotic places on earth.

You will be impressed with the itinerary that the Star Trek Cruise will follow on the trip. The Cruise Trek 2013 will take you on an unforgettable trip to magical Paris, Seine River and amazing Normandy Beaches. If you like, you can go on to Geneva and CERN to see one of the most talked about scientific centers in history. Of course, during the trip, you will get to meet some of the several Star Trek actors that you have always admired including Lolita Fatjo and Jim.

The last cruise went to Hawaii admiring the legendary beauty of the island. This year, Cruise Trak is heading to France (October 25 - November 1, 2013). The fact that the guys you loved on Star Trek will be around to enjoy the trip with you should be enough to get you running to make your booking.


During the cruise, you will get to sleep in the best accommodation available. You will eat delicious dishes whose recipes have been borrowed from various countries' cuisines. In some cases, you won't have time to sit down and eat, what with all the sights to see and things to do. There are, of course, breaks for meals and drinks. You will get to drink local drinks as well as exotic ones.

When you go on the cruise, you ought to bring your best camera or video recorder along with you. Most of the sights you will see deserve to be preserved in time to show your friends and family back home if they were not part of the tour group. You will agree that France has some of the most beautiful monuments ever. Combine that with the splendor of Geneva and you have paradise right before you.

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