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Tourism and film have always gone together very well. Discover the potential of destination marketing focusing on movie goers. Explore the countries that know how to attract film tourists. Go back in time and remember the drive-in theatres.


Top Countries Attracting Movie Goers

Michael Trout

Film tourism illustrates the effects that films as well as other TV productions can have on peoples’ travel decisions. Films motivate people to travel to experience screened destinations firsthand. Film tourism is an effective way to market a destination as well as present opportunities for new products development for instance film museums, location tours as well as exhibition of the existing attractions with film relation. It can also have a strong impact on the tourists’ full experience phase...

Research: The Potential of Film-induced Tourism

Laura Maudlin

"Film-induced tourism is one of the fast growing sectors of the tourism industry," stated Dr Walaiporn Rewtrakunphaiboon who is the author of a study called Film-induced Tourism: Inventing a Vacation to a Location. Film-induced tourism is the act of basing a vacation decision on what has been seen in the movies rather than a traditional brochure. It is a wake-call and a potential challenge for Destination Marketing Organizations but there are many advantages to acknowledging and embracing this f...

The Legacy of Drive-In Theatres

Larry Brain

Movie theatres have been part of the American culture that has provided out-of-home entertainment for almost eight decades. In a span of ten years from 1948 to 1958, the number of drive-in theatres rose from 1,000 to 5,000 in the U.S. Imagine during that time there were over 255 of them in California alone! They became a place where even a family with young children could enjoy a movie without worries. The drive-in playgrounds provided a pastime for the kids as the family concentrated on the mov...

Movies That Created Tourism Boom

Wayne M. Gore

TV shows and multi-million dollar movies can revive even less known destinations by attracting die-hard fans to a particular area. These fans want to see the sets of their favorite shows and movies, sometimes trying to catch a glimpse of the actors and the entertainment business life. Some movies however meant a great boost for local tourism. “Mamma Mia!” This movie was filmed on a beautiful Greek island, Skopelos. Many people had the idea to go there after watching the film full of stars. Ev...