He movie archipelago

Justin N. Froyd - May 28, 2007
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…On dazzling Stromboli – with its twisting roads, immaculate limestone white, anthracite limestone black of volcanic lava and creamy green Barbary fig trees – the air is said to be aphrodisiac, slightly radioactive, and either captivates or terrifies visitors. What exactly have filmmakers found so irresistible about this remote island? Is there some kind of telluric magnetic force? “First and foremost, there’s the volcano as divinity and myth, then the power of nature,”- explains Ricardo Gullo, a political figure on the islands and current director of the Eolian Archeological Museum on Lipari. And then there is the influence of Greek mythology: It was here that Aeolus, god of the winds, gave Odysseus a sack full of the stormy winds, so that a fair wind would take him home to Ithaca – if only his men had not disobeyed him...

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