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Cecilia Garland - May 27, 2013
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The Korean Demilitarized Zone or DMZ is the area between North Korea and South Korea that divides these two nations. It is the most heavily armed zone in the world but conflicts rarely happen. Tourists can visit the region with the demilitarized zone tours. They are conducted round the year and through them visitors can tour a number of interesting monuments and take in the unspoiled natural beauty of the landscape. What does the area has on offer for visitors?

Located 50 kilometers from Seoul, Panmanjeoum is where the peace talks between South and North were organized on October 25, 1951. This historically important place also observed the armistice agreement on July 27, 1953.

Today, Panmanjeoum plays a pivotal role in helping both South and North Korea maintain peace. Here, officials from both the countries discuss the significant steps that they need to take for working together towards progress. Tourists can visit this one-storied establishment and learn how the two countries interact with each other. It is very exciting to watch the North Korean soldiers walk by on the other side.

Another great destination that the demilitarized zone tours will take you is the camp Bonifas. It has been named after an American soldier, who was killed during an altercation with the North Korean soldiers.

This place houses the world's most dangerous golf course where retrieving golf balls can actually get the player killed – as the golf course is built on a live land mine.

Imjingak is a park, which was built in 1972 as a symbol of the possible unification of South and North Korea in the future. Imjingak is flanked by fascinating monuments, which were built in the memory of war-related incidents.

The North Korean Center is another interesting spot, which displays a number of photographs of North Korea. Similarly, the Unification Park cannot be missed. It pays homage to the soldiers, who were killed while defending South Korea in the Korean War.

Woljeongni Station is a spellbinding place, which displays strong remnants of the Korean War. You will get a glimpse of a train called the Iron Horse. It frequently chugged inside North Korea during the war. The train is full of the telltale signs of the conflict and succeeds in bringing back the pictures of destruction.

This location is also one of the most brutal sites of the war. In a total contrast, there is a nature museum where you can spot a variety of migratory birds and soak in the beauty of the nature.

Eulji Observatory is situated at 1,049 meters above sea level and falls on the way to the DMZ. It happens to be one of the most prominent battlegrounds of the Korean War. The main draw is the view of North Korea where you can spot the soldiers, farmlands and a few mountain peaks, including Birobong.

Why Not to Miss the DMZ

It does not matter what brings you to South Korea. Whether you are on a business trip or on vacation, paying a visit to the DMZ is a must-do activity. Here you can feel the thrill of being in the 'most dangerous area on earth'. DMZ tours will give you an opportunity to experience the excitement to be at a place, which witnessed a prominent war. You will notice that the area is lined with tanks, troops, land mines, and bunkers.

However, you cannot fail to take into account another aspect of the DMZ – the splendid beauty of the hills and the rare birds that are flying without any fear or inhibition. Surely, no other place on earth can show you such a wide contrast.

With rampant human intervention everywhere, it has become a rarity to get the glimpse of untouched natural marvel. Nevertheless, with Korean demilitarized zone tours, you will be able to step into a land that has seen only controlled human activity for the last half century.

Hence, you will be able to breathe in the freshest air and view lush green lands, and a variety of exotic birds.

What more through the tours you can get a never before and perhaps the only possible glimpse of North Korea. North Korea is one of the most enigmatic lands on the earth. By being a part of the Korean demilitarized zone tours, you can get a close-up view of North Korea. There are a couple of observatories from where you will have the unique privilege to peep into this puzzling country and get a clear view of its beautiful landscape, soldiers and the faraway horizon.

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