DESTINATION/ South Korea – Royal Past & Vibrant Present

South Korea is one of the fast developing countries that has a lot to offer to tourists. Currently experiencing political tensions the country attracts visitors with rich heritage and traditions.


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Tourism Industry of South Korea

Dan Rang

South Korea as many other developed countries does indeed owe much of its national income to its tourism sector. While it all seems logical that the rhetoric strife from the North should have a major impact on South Korea's tourism, it continues to receive droves of tourists providing a significant boost to the economy. With a robust economic growth projected at 3.1 % in 2013, could the tension between North and South Korea be a blessing in disguise for the South Korean tourism Industry? With...

Travel Agencies Face Drop in Tourism Numbers

Ashley Nault

Travel agencies in Korea have recently been facing persistent financial difficulties. The agencies sought help from the government as a response to deteriorating tourist numbers. The number of Japanese tourists has rapidly decreased after the pending threats from North Korea towards South Korea. The tensions between Japan and South Korea have also added to their concerns. An official letter was sent to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in order to remedy this unresolved issue. The K...

Top Travel Destinations in South Korea

Wayne M. Gore

One of the best destinations to travel to today is South Korea. The country bursts into traditions, culture, modernity and festivities in full color allowing you to enjoy the most spectacular sights. The fact of the matter is that a trip to this country will have you enjoy seeing and experiencing things you have never seen or experienced before. The fact that the culture here is one of the most exotic in the world allows for this. Here are a few top destinations that you should visit while in Ko...

Demilitarized Zone Tours: Experience a New Level of Excitement

Cecilia Garland

The Korean Demilitarized Zone or DMZ is the area between North Korea and South Korea that divides these two nations. It is the most heavily armed zone in the world but conflicts rarely happen. Tourists can visit the region with the demilitarized zone tours. They are conducted round the year and through them visitors can tour a number of interesting monuments and take in the unspoiled natural beauty of the landscape. What does the area has on offer for visitors? Located 50 kilometers from Seou...