Tourism Review Online Magazine 11 / 2014

Nov 24, 2014

Dear readers

It might by chilly and windy out there, but Tourism Review Online Magazine will always warm you up with a bunch of exciting travel ideas. The December issues opens with a couple of less known destinations in Eastern Europe. The Heritage part presents fascinating sites in Bulgaria, Albania and many more countries. If you are looking for a place that will satisfy your hunger for remarkable culture and heritage, head further south to Sicily. The Destination supplement describes some of the most interesting places on the island as well as the most important information you need when traveling to Sicily. Spa resorts close to nature are the topic of the Spa part presenting places offering wellness services and healing in the middle of wilderness.

The Professional supplement presents a number of the latest trends and hot issues regarding the global meetings industry including a detailed forecast for the coming years. The outlook of the aviation industry is the theme of the Transport part discussing as well who the happiest flyers in the world are. Enjoy the issue and the end of the year.

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Eastern Europe – The Unknown World

Dan Rang

- Nov 24, 2014

Eastern Europe may seem mysterious to many travelers which only adds to its charm. Discover a number of remarkable places and cities with astonishing beauty and historic significance. Visit Sibiu with its Bridge of Lies or the new mosques of Albania – unique experience guaranteed.

PROFESSIONAL/ MICE Industry Heading to…

Samuel Dorsi

- Nov 24, 2014

The meetings industry as other businesses has been hit by the recession. However, today we can see some growth. Many things had to change though and flexibility of the venues is quite essential.

TRANSPORT/ Global Aviation Trends

Theodore Slate

- Nov 24, 2014

Experts on air transportation state that the industry is about to grow immensely in the coming years. Some markets however report better results than others. Asian carriers face low profits for instance. Discover the latest trends in the aviation industry as well as who the happiest passengers are.

SPA/ Wellness Close to Nature

Theodore Slate

- Nov 24, 2014

Many spa resorts attract visitors by emphasizing their natural treatments and green policies. Some of them really are close to nature not only in their offer of procedures but also their location as well as ideology.

DESTINATION/ Sicily – Erupting with History

Kevin Eagan

- Nov 24, 2014

Sicily is a perfect destination for all history lovers and cultural buffs. Rich heritage, historical buildings, including temples and cathedrals, Greek influence, unique architecture and sunny beaches – all this is Sicily.