DESTINATION/ Sicily – Erupting with History

Sicily is a perfect destination for all history lovers and cultural buffs. Rich heritage, historical buildings, including temples and cathedrals, Greek influence, unique architecture and sunny beaches – all this is Sicily.



10 Essential Things Travelers Need to Know about Sicily

Daniel A. Tanner

Popular because of the Mafia, Sicily has more to offer thanks to its mummified citizens in catacombs of Palermo, desserts, a volcano you can ski on and beautiful black and white sandy beaches. Hundreds of shops, restaurants and lodges run by Sicilians also dot the city. 1. Sicily Isn't All That Italian Though they identify with Italy, a state that came into existence only around 150 years ago, many people still retain strong regional identity. The Tuscans, Apulians and the Calabrians are stron...
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Sicilian Tourism Industry Facing Economic and Security Problems

Gary Diskin

Sicily is by far the largest of the various Italian islands, separated by the strait of Messina, this island is basically surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. It boosts of the most beautiful and attractive mountainous and hilly regions and the most noticeable Etna. What Encourages Tourism? Apart from the formidable Mount Etna, the contrasting view of the sea creates splendid show of colors and beautiful scenery that gives a contrasting scene of the crystal blue waters and the sea bed that h...

Palermo Attracts Visitors with Antique Mosaics and Beaches

Gregory Dolgos

Palermo is a city located in Insular Italy and it is the capital of both the province of Palermo and the autonomous region of Sicily. It is well known for its history, architecture, culture and gastronomy which have played an important role throughout its existence. It is considered the starting point of touring the territory facing Gulf of Palermo in any category surrounded by lemon and orange groves of the Conca D’Oro Plain. The city is a beauty to behold especially its Arab style domes, polyc...

The Alcantara Canyon – Unforgettable Experience

Gregory Dolgos

Planning a holiday soon? Sicily offers years of cherished history and culture, not to mention the food and picture-perfect sights. There’s a great deal about the island that many people don’t know but if you’d like a chance to explore natural beauty, the Alcantara canyon would be an excellent place to start.  The Canyons Located in the area of Messina, the Gole di Alcantara is a naturally occurring canyon that looks a lot like a hidden gem in considerably desolate area. The valley is a natio...