Sicilian Palermo Is Known for Remarkable Architecture

Gregory Dolgos - Nov 24, 2014
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Palermo is a city located in Insular Italy and it is the capital of both the province of Palermo and the autonomous region of Sicily. It is well known for its history, architecture, culture and gastronomy which have played an important role throughout its existence. It is considered the starting point of touring the territory facing Gulf of Palermo in any category surrounded by lemon and orange groves of the Conca D’Oro Plain. The city is a beauty to behold especially its Arab style domes, polychromatic marbles of the buildings, Kalsa Quarter and colorful & vibrant Vucciria market as well as its verdant settings especially Villa Giulia, Garibaldi Gardens and Parco della Favorita.

The splendid monuments and historic center in Palermo testify to its illustrious past with examples such as Palazzo dei Normanni with Palatina Chapel which features antique mosaics. Five red domes support the Church of San Giovanni deglu Eremiti while the Cathedral has majestic works of arts with the most notable one being Royal and Imperial Tombs. If you would like to see rich interiors and stuccowork, be sure to visit Santa Zita, Church of San Domenicao and Oratories of the Holy Rosary of San Domenico.

There are also some public buildings that should be on your itinerary such as the magnificent Arab-Norman construction: Steri, Palazzo Chiaromonete a great example of Sicilian architecture in the 1300s, the Neocalssical Teatro Massimo and the Zisa. You should also visit Bagheria a small town that is surrounded by rich vegetation and is also famous for the presence of a couple of 18th century noble villas especially the picturesque Villa Palagonia and Villa Valguarnera. The seat of Guttuso Museum Villa CAttolica is also well known for its amazing works of art by a contemporary artist.

The spending coast of Palermo offers many things to do thanks to its rocky expanses and gorgeous beaches which make it the ideal vacation spot for persons who are looking for adventure or just want to spend some time by the sea where you can take part in a number of water activities as well as sailing. The nature reserves and protected areas offer great routes for trekking or walking the Madonie Highlands. Sclafani Bagni thermal spas and Termini Imerese offer therapies and treatments for wellness, beauty and regeneration. The local calendar is also punctuated by a number of interesting events like Targa Florio Internal Rally of Sicily in July or the Feast of Santa Rosina in Palermo that also happens in July.

There are also countless food fairs that are locally known as sagre and a wide array of festivals that are dedicated to various typical products in Gangi that is normally held to dedicate the wheat stalk as well as the evoking customs of the peasant Italian past. Easter celebrations here are also a huge deal with Holy Week rites tracing the Greek-Orthodox traditions as holy representations are held in Prizzi and Mondello. The dance of the devils (Abballu di li diavoli) is held on Easter Sunday. Each of the fair narrates allegorical batter of spring and winter between light and darkness. 


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