Italy’s Citadel of Alessandria in Danger of Deterioration

Pat Hyland - Aug 26, 2013
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Citadel of Alessandria in Italy is one of the world’s precious heritages that got seriously endangered.

For those who love visiting old heritage sites, this destination is not new. It is one of the celebrated sites that have stood the test of time since the 18th century. Citadel of Alessandria is one of the amazing remains of the 18th century fortifications in Europe. Its commencement is worth-hearing since it introduces us to the Napoleonic times as well as the days of unification of Italy.

In fact, it is on the UNESCO’s list of the best heritage sites that a person should visit in his/her life time. In addition, the site was recognized by Italians in 2012 as their most loved monument. However, the government of Italy is currently struggling a lot to ensure that it is restored and revitalized to its original status.

Built in 1732 by Carlo Emanuele III King of Sardinia, the citadel of Alessandria, is a spectacular fort that represents the best moments of not only the Italian history but also the entire Europe’s history.

Even though it was built hundreds of years ago, it should always be remembered that the building is still important in the current Italy. It has provided a lot of support to the Italian army. For instance, before the restructuring of Italy’s military force in 2007, citadel used to host a regimen of the army personnel. It was after losing its military function when the building began to deteriorate since it was abandoned.

The restoration of citadel has not been easy. It has faced a lot of blow backs which range from finances to simple maintenance programs. The greatest challenge is that of finances. The city of Alessandria is facing a lot of financial challenges and this has affected the restoration of the 74-hactare heritage site. It has been neglected and this has led to its slow but steady deterioration. Currently, entrance points like windows and doors are broken and this has allowed birds to dwell inside the building. Moreover, it has been invaded by weeds such as the ailanthus which have greatly affected the condition of its walls.

According to Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI), Citadel of Alessandria ranks one of the most endangered sites that need instant attentions. FAI has proposed that the restoration of Citadel should be approached by turning it into an economic, environmental and social center. It proposed that turning it into an educational, housing or a university center would greatly help in restoring it.

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