Chris Grad - May 18, 2015
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Liguria, the coastal region of Italian North West, welcomed over 71 million tourists in 2014, which is similar amount to the 2013 numbers. According to the Ligurian union of chambers of commerce, the economic impact of the visitors reached 4.9 billion Euros.

Paolo Cesare Odone, the president of the union, stated that in 2013 the revenue amounted to 5.1 billion Euros. “While there is a decrease in expenses from those staying in hotels and other facilities, on the other hand there is a slight increase for those staying in private houses,” said Mr. Odone.

According to him, Liguria has a great opportunity to boost tourism revenues through the current Expo 2015 exhibition. “Expo 2015 means six months of great hope and expectations of the major role played by hotels and tourist businesses in Liguria between May and October. They will be able to welcome international tourists who will surely appreciate Liguria’s coast, landscape and uniqueness,” said Mr. Odone.

Sun and beaches attract many holidaymakers to Liguria, which is, once again, the Italian region with the highest number of Blue Flags – the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) award for eco-compatibility, good service and quality of sea water. With its three new entries Liguria now counts 23 flags. Following are Tuscany with 18 flags, and Marche with 17 flags.

Amongst the new entries in Liguria are Capaccio, near Salerno, and three beaches in Santa Marita Ligure: Paraggi, Scogliera Pagana and Lungomare Rossetti.

The Ligurian tourist board and the union recently published a report focusing on the profile of holidaymakers coming to Liguria. Average tourists are between 31 and 40 years old (35.8% of tourists,), have at least a high school degree (59.1%), are married, with children (44.4%), seeking leisure holiday (38.8%), and are attracted by good prices and quality services. The most popular activities include trips and sightseeing (55.4% of the interviewed people) and tasting of local cuisine (32.8%).

Tourists choose Liguria based on information from the Internet (42% Italians, 62% foreigners.) Only one out of four visitors opts for online booking, while half of the travelers go for direct booking. The average stay takes between 7 and 13 nights (49% of travelers).

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