Nik Fes - Jun 27, 2016
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The Italian seaside resorts on the Ligurian Riviera represent on average 79% of the total tourist traffic in the region. This was revealed in a study on tourism in Liguria by the Regional Tourism Observatory, in collaboration with the Liguria region and Unioncamere Liguria.

According to the regional councilor for tourism, Giovanni Berrino the research was based on 2000 interviews with tourists holidaying at the Ligurian Sea.  Both Italians and foreigners participated, as long as they have stayed at a resort in the region for at least one night.

“The flagship product of tourism in Liguria, the beach tourism on the Riviera, represents about 79% of the total tourist traffic in the area,” noted the president of the Unioncamere Liguria, Paolo Odonoe.

The second most popular product in the region are the major cities, which average 16.4% of tourists staying at the Ligurian Sea. Green tourism is chosen on average by 4.6% of Italian and foreign tourists staying in Liguria.

The main reasons to visit Liguria is natural beauty (51.4% of Italian and foreign tourists), cultural heritage (45.3%), followed by food and wine interests (21.6%). For foreigners in particular there is a strong desire to visit unfamiliar places (29.1%). Foreign tourists also tend to pay attention to the quality/price ratio (29.5%). For Italians the main motivations are easy accessibility of the destination (47.5%) and proximity (36.3%)

The average per capita expenditure for accommodation is 52 euros per day for Italians. 49 euros is the expenditure for foreigners. Both are almost the same as the regional average (50 euros).

Those who prefer richness of cultural heritage (78.3% overall, 87.7% of foreigners) choose to stay in cities. Other than that, tourists fascinated by the landscape setting of Ligurian cities (46.6% of foreigners) tend to look for accommodation in cities. Furthermore, those who wish to attend an event of interest (36.6%) or taste local specialties (32%) are also tempted by the idea of spending their holiday in cities such as Genoa.

The average per capita expenditure for accommodation among city enthusiasts is 41 euros for Italians. In contrast, for foreigners it is 57 euros (7 euro more than the regional average).

According to the study of tourism in Liguria, one of the main reasons why tourists choose the natural products is the environmental beauty of the region (65.4% of tourists). Artistic heritage follows (47.1%) and the desire to relax is also one of the key motivations for tourists.

The average daily expenditure per capita among “green tourists” for accommodation is in the vicinity of 46 euros for Italians and 50 euros for foreigners.

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