Top Hidden Beaches in Europe

Andrew J. Wein - Jul 11, 2016
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Beaches are one of the most popular vacation spots for most people, where they can enjoy the warmth of the sun, the soft feel of sand under their feet and the relaxing waters of the sea.

Europe, being one of the top travel destinations in the world, boasts of several beaches that range from bay sheltered between cliffs to long stretches of open sandy beaches. However, most of these beaches are found near tall buildings and tend to receive a lot of tourists, which spoils their tranquility.

Fortunately, there are still a few hidden gems that are yet to be spoiled. Below is a look at some of the top beaches in Europe where you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing vacation. 

Pori Beach on Koufonisia Island 

Pori is located on Koufonisia, a Greek island that is part of the famous Cyclades group of islands. It is one of the least inhabited islands in Greece, with the upper part of the island having no settlement at all, and the lower part having just a small population that is settled in small whitewashed cottages in various fishing villages along the coastline.

While the island has several beaches that have remained unpolluted by the outside world, Pori Beach is by far the best beach on the island. Located just a few kilometers from the fishing village of Chora, Pori is a secluded beach that boasts of crystal clear blue waters and very soft sand. The hidden nature of the beach allows you to enjoy your vacation without being disturbed by the hassles of the modern world.

Playa de Rodas Beach in Spain 

Playa de Rodas is a little piece of heaven that is hidden away from the eyes of the world. Located on Ces Island in Spain, it is one of the top secluded beaches in the world, and it is characterized by crystal clear blue waters and sparkling white sand, just like most of the beaches on the island.

With the island being part of the Galician Island National Park, Rodas beach offers a very natural feel; there are very few people, the surrounding area is undeveloped, and there are no cars or bikes on the beach. However, there are a few facilities on the beach, a campsite and restaurants, which ensures that you enjoy a quiet, relaxing, but a very comfortable vacation. 

Notre Dame Beach in Porquerolles, France

Plage de Notre Dame is one of the finest beaches in Europe that is preferred by tourist due to its serenity. The beach is located in the island of Porquerolles, which is owned mostly by the French state and thus protected from over-development.

The Notre Dame beach is also located about 40 minutes away from the nearest village, and with the only means of transport being a bike, this puts it beyond the range of most people. In addition to having very few people, the beach features a crescent shaped bay filled with soft, white sand, and crystal clear, peacock blue and green waters. In addition, it is surrounded by eucalyptus and pine trees, which give off a very relaxing scent.

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