Joe McClain - Jul 27, 2015
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It is common to find articles about the beautiful beaches around the world in your social media feeds. Articles about the most visited Hawaii and Caribbean beaches to the idyllic remote ones such as those in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, and the South Pacific are abundant. However, there are some dangerous ones that are better avoided. Explore them with

Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai, India

Chowpatty beach in Mumbai is beautiful at sunset with brilliant pink and orange colors lighting up the sky. This is the best time to be at the beach as you will not be able to see the garbage floating around in the sea water. You should never, ever venture in to the water, as the locals do, because you will surely fall sick. Chowpatty is dangerous because it is highly polluted.


Copacabana Beach in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is renowned for some of the world’s best urban beaches. The country is planning to use this aspect to the fullest during the Summer Olympic Games in 2016. It is true that the Copacabana has been immortalized by the pop culture, but the danger lurking between the pure, blue waters and the golden sands is the presence of thieves and petty criminals. Of course, you don't have to worry about pollution, sharks and volcanoes, but you should be extremely careful with regard to your belongings.

Beaches in Gansbaai, South Africa

Gansbaai, a very beautiful coastal stretch, is located on the Garden Route with the Whale watching hub Hermanus on the west and the gorgeous Storms River and Plettenberg Bay towns on the east. You need to be really concerned about Great White Sharks that lurk a little bit into the sea from the shore. Of course, you must visit Gansbaai for its scenic beauty, but should not venture into the water.

Kilauea in Hawaii

When in Hawaii, it becomes evident to you as to why you should not go for a swim in the sea in Kauapea beach located half a mile to the northwest of Kilauea town as soon as you reach there. This place is known for the constantly erupting volcanoes. The lava flowing from them cool down and harden in the sea.

Whitehaven Beach in Whitsunday and Northern Australia Coastline

When it comes to beauty, only a few other beaches can compete with the Whitehaven beach in Whitsunday Islands. However, this beach and most part of the northern Australia coastline are infested with box jelly fish, referred to locally as stingers. They are very deadly and one sting is enough to kill you. If at all you venture to the sea, it is important that you stay within the safety nets provided.

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