Larry Brain - Apr 29, 2024
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Argentina is currently going through one of its most significant economic crises, but its citizens still travel. In the first quarter of this year, nearly one million Argentines visited Brazil. The other four countries in the top five for Brazil visitors are all in the Americas, including the United States. This information comes from Embratur, the Ministry of Tourism in Brazil, and the Federal Police.

From January to March of this year, the number of foreign visitors to Brazil reached 2,530,526, the highest since 2018, when the record was 2,664,613 tourists.

The leading contributors to tourism in Brazil were Argentina, with an impressive 982,494 visitors, followed by Chile (220,901), the United States (204,183), Paraguay (195,147), and Uruguay (181,174). This diverse mix of countries underscores the global appeal of Brazil as a tourist destination.

March witnessed a remarkable surge in tourism in Brazil, underscoring the country's allure and potential for growth.

According to the latest data, Uruguay had the highest percentage increase in visitors during March this year, surpassing Argentina and other countries. The survey conducted by responsible agencies reveals a 94.9% increase (70,866 Uruguayans) in visitors to Uruguay compared to only a 16.9% increase (223,602 Argentines) in Argentina.

The data, meticulously collected and analyzed since 1989, revealed a historic moment in March 2024. Brazil welcomed a staggering 740,483 tourists, marking a 28.8% increase from the same period in 2023 and setting a new record in 35 years of research.

Brazil is a popular tourist destination during the Southern Hemisphere's summer season. The country boasts stunning beaches along its coast and hosts the world-famous Carnival, making it a desirable place to visit. A recent survey revealed that citizens of four South American countries and tourists from the United States were among the most frequent visitors to this tropical nation.

In the first quarter of 2024, Argentina had the highest number of tourists visiting Brazil. However, compared to the same period in 2023, another country had a more significant increase. Chile saw a growth of 51.8% in tourists, while Uruguay grew 37.2%. In contrast, Argentina experienced a decline of 10.4% in tourists.

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