Dan Rang - Nov 25, 2013
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Veneto, one of the twenty Italian regions, recorded positive tourism numbers over the first eight months. Even in the difficult year, marked by crisis that hit Italian tourism, the region managed to keep steady at the helm, and reported an increase in arrivals of 1.4% from January to August 11.9 million tourists.

However, while the number of tourists grew, the amount of overnight stays actually showed a decline of 1.8% on the previous year's data.

Foreign tourists were responsible for the influx, up by 3.1% in arrivals and 1.1% in overnight stays, while the domestic tourism is in decline (-1.9% in arrivals and -6.9% in overnight stays).

With these results, Veneto confirms the national trend, which sees the foreign consumer base counterbalance the decline in domestic tourism, sustaining the final result.

The amount of overnight stays has decreased a little in all regions of Italy, but the cities of art are still putting up a fight, managing to sign off the period with an increase of 3.6% in arrivals and 1.9% in overnight stays.

Especially August represented a positive turn for Veneto, whose capital and largest city is the world known Venice. The eighth month marked a significant recovery after the bad weather of the first six months.

Arrivals in August increased by 7%, while overnight stays decreased by 0.9%, confirming the high season as the fundamental driving force for the tourist market.

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