The Alcantara Canyon Attracts Adventurous Souls

Gregory Dolgos - Nov 24, 2014
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Planning a holiday soon? Sicily offers years of cherished history and culture, not to mention the food and picture-perfect sights. There’s a great deal about the island that many people don’t know but if you’d like a chance to explore natural beauty, the Alcantara canyon would be an excellent place to start. 

The Canyons

Located in the area of Messina, the Gole di Alcantara is a naturally occurring canyon that looks a lot like a hidden gem in considerably desolate area. The valley is a national reserve and is under the protection of a local institution; Parco Botanico e Geologico delle Gole di Alcantara, which is responsible for protecting and promoting activities in the park. 

Visitors are encouraged to try out local activities by signing up for local itineraries and enjoying a host of local delights on offer. After embarking on a marketing campaign, the institution mandated with protecting the park has managed to lure in scores of visitors from all over the world as more people learn about a little corner of Greece in Italy. 

Walk down the History Lane

For years locals used to walk down narrow country roads to get to their fruit fields along the Alcantara River, sometimes bringing along a small donkey for the manual work. A lot has changed over the years and now visitors can trace the steps of these old farmers, walk along cool remote beaches and country houses, or perhaps check out the sweeping orange fields.

These long, winding roads have very symbolic names that shed some light into the rich history that this region is known for. Ancient mythology is evident in some street names such as Sentiero di Artemide, which refers to the path of Hermes, the god of Speed. The name given to the Alcantara River, Arkenisis, and the dozens of mythological tales told about the valley are all elements of Greek mythology and they serve to give the valley a cherished history that both locals and visitors can appreciate.

Beautiful Treasures of the Alcantara 

Poppies and anemones cover the riverbanks in spring while birds such as falcons and eagles fly high in the azure sky as some of them migrate to other parts of the world. For as long as anyone can remember the Alcantara has been covered by large fields of orange trees, grapefruit and lemon trees, and during spring when the lemon trees have blossomed they give off the zagare fragrance. Visitors who take the Yellow Gold itinerary can enjoy this and more. 

Interested in a seasonal olive picking experience? Sign up for the Green Gold itinerary and learn everything about olives as you spend time picking this evocative ingredient of the Mediterranean.

Whether you prefer canyon trekking or plunging into the Alcantara River, Sicily holds great experiences for you and your family. Put on your boots and waterproofs and take a walk along the banks of the river as you splash the icy-cold water, and discover the incredible caves as you take shelter from the scorching sun. There’s something for everyone in the Alcantara so take time to plan for a memorable family trip. 

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