Ayii Anargyri Spa Offers Close to Nature Experience

Cecilia Garland - Nov 24, 2014
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If you are planning for a retreat to relax your mind and calm your inner being, Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa in Cyprus can be a perfect place for you.

Spa Procedures

Not only are natural treatment procedures effective in healing, they are also proficient in improving your looks and bringing out your natural glow. Here are some of the treatment procedures offered in the spa:

Natural Spring Lounge

The natural spring lounge offers various treatment options involving Sulphur water for healing various physical conditions and mental stress. Sulphur water is scientifically proven to aid in relaxation, heal inflammatory disorders and improve blood flow. Natural Spring Lounge services include mineral hydrotherapy bath, Sulphur mud soak and many others. 

Body Care and Slimming

Services such as velvet feet, back relaxation and bust perfection are treatment options offered at the spa for body care and slimming purposes. These natural treatment methods help eliminate stretch marks, relieve tension and improve body toning. Overall, body care and slimming treatments make your skin more nourished to reveal vitality and real beauty.

Massage Therapies

Massage is a well-known treatment for almost all kinds of inflammation and body pain. Ayii Anargyri Spa offers deep tissue massage, personalized massage, aromatherapy massage and other kinds of massages to help improve overall health and wellness. 

Men Treatments

Every person needs natural spa treatments to experience the amazing power of nature. Men, however, necessarily undergo different treatments for their special needs. Ayii Anargyri recognizes this need and has offered treatment options such as facial oxygen booster, back relaxation and nail care for men.

All About Nature

There are numerous reasons why natural treatment is chosen as the Ayii Anargyri spa’s main theme. Among these is the fact that resorting to natural treatment is beneficial as it is always risk-free. 

Various minerals found in healing streams are used in the natural treatments. They also use solutions formulated from natural ingredients for face and body care and other treatment options.

Ayii Anargyri Spa resort was originally opened to public in 1649 by Cosmas and Damianos. These brothers have selflessly dedicated themselves to offer natural treatments to locals. The resort spa then went on with various improvements until it became what it is today. 

The Ayii Anargyri Spa resort has a boutique hotel, spa facilities, swimming pools and conference facilities. It is situated in a scenic location that makes every person love nature more. 


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