Sara Thopson - Mar 6, 2017
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In 2016, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus accrued its highest ever tourism revenue, taking advantage of, among other things, its popularity as a destination for British and Russian tourists – according to the official numbers published recently.

Located in the eastern portion of the Mediterranean, Cyprus tourism authorities recorded the revenue amounting to 2.36 million euros, an 11.9% increase compared to the 2.11 million recorded in 2015 – according to official statistics.

This is a historic record - the last record dating to the 2.17 million euros of tourism revenue seen in 2001.

Furthermore in 2016, Cyprus tourism also announced a record number of visitors, with close to 3.19 million foreign tourists.

Considered to be an island of stability in a region defined by conflicts, Cyprus, which is home to around one million inhabitants, benefited from high degree of popularity – most notably among British and Russian tourists, with an increase in visitation by Israeli and Greek tourists as well.

These statistics do not take into account arrivals to the northern part of the island which is controlled by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a political entity which is not recognized by international bodies and is only considered legitimate by the Turkish state.

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