Romanian Sibiu Offers Quiet Lanes and Historic Houses

Richard Moor - Nov 24, 2014
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While the Romanian town of Sibiu might not be perceived as one of the top travel destinations of the world, it is still one of the most interesting places to visit for the fans of the medieval art and culture. Nicknamed ‘Prague without the tourists’ the Transylvanian town is situated just 282 km from Bucharest and features a distinct blend of art, culture and history. With that said, here are some of the best things to see and do while on a trip to Sibiu. 

Walk on Foot

Sibiu is place that can best be explored on foot. Get a map and explore everything the way you want. Staying in the city for a weekend is enough to give you an idea of the many attractions of the city; however, you are definitely going to want to stay more.

The Bridge of Lies

Go for a walk on the Bridge of Lies, which is one of the major landmarks of the town of Sibiu. People in Sibiu believe that the bridge is able to sense if somebody standing on the bridge says a lie.

The Large Square

Go underneath the arches of the Council Tower and proceed to the Large Square. Have a view and you can find hundreds of historical monuments here – the Catholic Church, the City Hall, the Blue Horse, the General’s House and the Haller’s House are the major ones.

Museum Visits

Brukenthal Museum, which is the first Romanian Gallery, features some of the most prominent art collections of Romania. Opened in 1817 and built by the governor of Transylvanian, this museum is a real treat for all the art enthusiasts coming here. Visit the Pharmacy Museum as well for a completely different experience. This museum is located in the Small Square inside a Gothic building, which is more than 150 years old. 

Historic Houses

House of Art is one of several earliest structures of Sibiu. This house is believed to be the oldest guild house of Transylvania. Step inside and see the great ethnographic collection put on display.

Check out the Caryatids home on Mitropoliei Street, 13. Built in 1786, this monument features a rather unusual architecture.

The Stair Passage

The stairs passage, which connects the upper and the lower town, is known to be one of the most romantic spots of the city.

Charming Streets

Much of the appeal of the town of Sibiu lies in its quiet streets. Go off the beaten track and look for the narrow alley linking the Magheru and the Franciscan Church or walk on one of the loveliest streets of the city – The Cetatii. You will appreciate the old and traditional homes. Do not miss the pedestrian street that connects Balcescu with the Union and the large square.

Local Life

Visit the agro-markets and feel the pulse of the local life of a Romanian city. Go on a tour of Cibin market to discover delicious and fresh local products. Or just have a walk in one of the largest and oldest parks of the city – Parcul sub Arini. You can also relax at one of the many terraces of Sibiu. Try local cuisine and enjoy a cold drink in the summertime.

Cultural Events

Sibiu is one of the most culturally rich cities of Romania. In almost every season, you get a chance to see exhibitions, festivals and fairs. One of the more important events is certainly the International Theater Festival, which takes place every year in June.

Small cities like Sibiu are generally ignored as mere hopping off points that can entirely be skipped over. While being a city that is statistically insignificant in the map of the world, Sibiu has its own charm for the travelers heading towards Transylvania's mountainous border.

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