Gregory Dolgos - Nov 14, 2011
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Romanian travel agencies organize tours for Italian couples who want to get fast and cheap divorce. Almost 3,000 couples have used their services this year.

Honeymoon tours have become quite popular over the last decade. Why not organizing tours to get a divorce? It might not seem very romantic but the tours are becoming more and more popular.

The divorce destination no. 1 for Americans is for sure Las Vegas, while the European "divorce capital" is probably Bucharest. Nearly 3,000 couples from Italy traveled to Romania to get divorced in 2011. Romania is known for faster and cheaper administration process related to divorce – particularly for Italians.

In Italy, even when both spouses agree with the divorce they usually achieve it only after three years of separate living. The whole process is also made difficult by numerous bureaucratic formalities, reported Tur-info.pl.  

In Romania on the other hand the couple signs a statement that they want to be divorced in the presence of a notary. If none of the spouses changes their mind within 30 days they are pronounced divorced. The only inconvenience is that the couple must travel to Romania and settle down temporarily as residents of the country.

A number of Bucharest travel agencies offer to arrange the formalities relating to divorce making the procedure even smoother. The usual price of such a "divorce travel package" including accommodation is twice as cheaper than the cost in Italy.


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