Nils Kraus - Sep 21, 2009
Halloween Party in Romania is without a doubt one of the most remarkable events anyone could experience. The flavour of the Romanian cuisine mingled with the melodious folk songs, unique events and unexpected surprises will prove that every legend has a little bit of truth in it!  The guest’s are welcomed with a traditional Romanian drink prepared especially for the cold season – a shot of Romanian “water of fire” boiled with pepper will increase the interest in the delicious mouth-watering traditional dishes prepared for the Halloween party. The Master of Ceremony, one of Dracula’s many subjects, will introduce the guests to the programme of the evening making sure every one will meet his fate!  The first event you’ll enjoy is performed by the Transylvanian Knights. The “Witch Trial” will reveal the medieval rituals of judgment for a witch testing the courage of the guests. Should anyone dare to handle the sword and fight along with the knights to save the lady he will be anointed as a knight.  There can be no Halloween Party without Dracula; the Count will simply not tolerate such a thing! His majesty will join you and even make a few confessions about his wedding. “Dracula’s Wedding” is a show set on stage by a professional band of actors. This is a non verbal performance. It’s very easy to understand that Dracula did not need words to charm a girl. The first time they met he appeared as a respectable noble, the second meeting revealed his true dark nature… Find out if the story has a happy ending.  Since we’re all very familiar with dramas, we’ll then focus on having a fabulous time, and what is a better way to do this than dancing! A band of folk singers performing live with traditional Romanian instruments will introduce the guests to the gypsy rhythm as well as the melodious and cheerful Romanian songs. The traditional “Scarf dance” will bring everyone to the dancing floor!   Close to midnight all will step out to watch the moon and count down the minutes to 12 o’clock, a time of powerful magic when all wishes come true! A glass of champagne and the traditional Rest in Peace song will delight us afterwards.   The culinary event of the evening is the Halloween cake, shaped as a coffin and delicious as fresh blood. This might just be the first coffin you have tried and you will like it! The Master of Ceremony will reword the ones who really did their best for the Halloween Costumes! The Best Female and Male Costumes will receive awards (Romanian genuine handcrafts as a keepsake). The Count has also a gift prepared for the Best Howl at the Moon (after a glass of strong red wine boiled with cinnamon you won’t lack courage or strength!). The DJ will then take over the party! The last person standing will receive a bottle of wine courtesy of the house and Romanian tips on how to handle the hang over.  If you want to learn the truth, be charmed by the legend and enjoy the best Halloween party ever, join us along narrow winding roads, deep in the Carpathians, into the heart of Transylvania for a fascinating holiday!  Source: Transylvania Live

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  1. This is all very interesting. My wife and I went on a Halloween trip to Transylvania, Borgo Pass and Bucharest with Quest Tours and Adventures. This is an American tour operator. We were very happy with their entire organization and the guide.

    John Hayes (USA)

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