Costa Rica – Tabacon Thermal Spa Offers Remarkable Experience

Denise Chen - Nov 24, 2014
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Hot springs are pretty common in many regions of the world, forming through the natural thermal gradient of the earth’s crust, with quite a number being linked to volcanic activity. In regions of dense concentration like Costa Rica, hot springs exist in varying flow volumes, temperatures and mineral content, scattered in places like Miravalles, Rincon de la Vieja Volcanos, Irazu as well as in the Orosi Valley. However, perfectly balanced hot springs, in terms of temperature, volume and mineral content (low sulfur and odor), like those in Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort are rare, not only in Cost Rica but worldwide. 

The Tabacon Resort’s hot springs are geologically formed by the heating action of magma in the earth’s core resulting in hot water that is 97% rain-based and enriched with various minerals from the earth’s rocky stratus. The main hot springs emerge from two surface openings at the rate of 80 liters (~20 gallons) per second and flow through the resort gardens at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. Another cold river spring, within the property, flows from the rainforest and is complemented by two more springs that are reserved specifically for consumable cold water. This brings the total number of springs in the resort to five, and identifies Tabacon as the first public Hot Springs resort in the Arenal Volcano Region. Furthermore, the resort is the highest rated, acclaimed and renowned luxury Hot Springs and Spa resort in the whole of Costa Rica. 

The majority of hot spring resorts in the Arenal Volcano region and the world in general are artificially drilled to tap well/aquifer water hence depend on mechanical and pump systems to run their pools. Other resorts re-circulate the water and warm it using gas or other energy means. Tabacon is therefore distinguished for the fact that it’s natural with water flowing by gravity and forming in-river waterfalls, cascades and pools throughout the resort. More so, for its carbon neutral and eco-friendly offerings, Tabacon concentrates on providing guests with a one of a kind nature experience to maintain its reputation as the best known luxury hot springs resort in Costa Rica. 

It is worth noting that the underground flows of the Tabacon River result in enriched mineral water which is associated with numerous benefits arising from different biological, chemical and physical effects. One of the greatest reprieves is a soothing effect on tense and tired muscles.

Other medical benefits of hot spring waters include:

-          Mineral transfer from the water to the skin and bloodstream via osmosis, as the main chemical process

-          Physical benefits such as skin dilation due to the temperature of the water which boosts oxygen flow in the tissues targeted by hydrotherapy. Better yet, the heat facilitates flow of sedating substances in the body to allow the muscles to relax by and large creating a sense of wellbeing. 

-          From a biological standpoint, the benefits are reaped from a complex union of micro and macro organisms (flora and fauna) resulting in ‘biogleas’ which strengthens the skin’s defense system and helps it to counter the effects of aging. 

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