Chris Grad - Feb 2, 2015

Costa Rica continues to consolidate its position in the area of tourism. In 2014 alone, Costa Rica received more than 30 awards in various international publications for the quality of the destination, its tourism product and natural attractions. This is supported by a dozen publications in prestigious international media which have recently recognized the country as an unbeatable tourist destination.

This Central American country was listed as one of the last year’s most amazing destinations, according to CNN, and as a destination to visit in 2015, according to the British Guardian newspaper.  In addition, National Geographic ranks it in the top ten best adventure destinations for 2015.

A full page of the New York Times was also dedicated to it as one of the most reforested destinations and it ranks fifth as the best-selling destinations for US tourists in 2015, according to the Daily News, and other newspapers.

For Wilhelm von Breymann, Costa Rica’s Tourism Minister, the fact that numerous prestigious international media highlight the country’s assets in the area of tourism, strengthens the competitiveness of the destination as well as its international recognition.

"The destination has maintained the competitive advantage it has developed through its sustainable tourism model, natural attractions protected by law, access to the attractions, the development of business concepts to offer quality products, hotel capacity, air connectivity and many other factors," the minister said.

Last year the country received more than 30 awards for the quality of the destination, its tourism infrastructure, the tourism products offered such as adventure, ecotourism and health tourism, coupled with the exuberance of its natural resources.

Also highlighted in this long list, is the fact that Costa Rica offers the world’s best holiday experience, and was recognized as the most recommended holiday destination, according to the Global Tourism Monitor Survey.

It was also described as the ultimate destination for enjoying a family vacation, among the eight best places for family trips in Central and South America, according to US News & World Report, and it was even the winning country in the category of Best Destination Central / South America at the prestigious Travel Weekly magazine’s "Readers Choice Awards".

The Tourism Minister stressed that these multiple examples of recognition should serve as a precedent for the tourism industry, in order to continue ensuring high-quality customer service, tourism product innovation and the development of sustainable tourism.

"The reality is that competition is increasing, so we need to double our efforts to develop new products and cultural options, to improve the services we offer and consolidate the road to innovation that will add quality to the destination as a whole. That is our line of work and it is in that direction that we are focusing the efforts needed from both government and private sector,” von Breymann declared.

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  1. I agree that Costa Rica is solidly holding on to it's place as one of the top go-to destinations, and will only continue to grow.

    John Cragen (USA)

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