Tourism Review Online Magazine 5 / 2013

Apr 29, 2013

Dear readers

The May issue of the Tourism Review Online Magazine is pleased to invite you to explore the ancient temples and fortresses of Sri Lanka. Open the Destination supplement and explore the country that only recently opened its gates to tourists. Adventurous souls will be interested in the Adventure part focusing this time on the best diving spots around the world. If you love visiting amusements parks the Heritage part is there for you to reveal all about the most fascinating Ferris wheels in the world.

Latest technology applied by restaurants is the topic of the Professional part and various more or less social projects of airlines are the theme of the Transport supplement. Enjoy the blooming trees and the latest TROM.

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Have Fun – Remarkable Ferris Wheels

Gregory Dolgos

- Apr 29, 2013

They are remarkable, they are amazing. Children love them and parents alike. Ferris wheels are a popular attraction in many amusement parks. Discover their 400 year long history and experience the most interesting wheels around the world.

PROFESSIONAL/ Food, Restaurants & Technology

Justin N. Froyd

- Apr 29, 2013

Restaurants as any other businesses have to constantly watch out for new technological devices that might be helpful in increasing the amount of satisfied customers. Explore the new food delivery options, discover the pros and cons of tablets in restaurants and  consider using new tools in your business.

TRANSPORT/ (Un)Social Airlines

Laura Maudlin

- Apr 29, 2013

A number of airlines implemented social media in their offer last year. Explore the social seating option as well as other more or less social programs modern airlines embrace.

ADVENTURE/ Go Deep! World’s Best Dive Spots

Vanderlei J. Pollack

- Apr 29, 2013

Scuba diving opens the door to fascinating worlds under the sea. Explore a number of enthralling diving spots around the world – discover wrecks, coral reefs and rich marine life.

DESTINATION/ Sri Lanka – Island with a Soul

Andrea Hausold

- Apr 29, 2013

Sri Lanka is a country that only recently fully opened to the world tourism. The island faces challenges in the infrastructure and hospitality, yet it is growing in popularity. Explore the world of remarkable temples and ancient kingdoms.