Restaurants Embrace Tablets

Laura Maudlin - Apr 29, 2013
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As touchscreen technology became more prevalent, it provided new, cutting-edge alternatives for various businesses and industries, including restaurants. The tablet, in fact, offers many advantages as a point-of-sale system; because it's capable, convenient and quite affordable, it's an innovation that restaurateurs must consider for their establishment.

Multiple Advantages

Using tablets in a restaurant offers apparent benefits. First of all, a sleek, handy, reasonably-priced device is definitely more workable and convenient than an expensive, bulky desktop system. What's more, tablets allow mobility and flexibility – this provides even more ways to improve your service, such as line-busting or self-service ordering.

As with any new strategy, tablets also come with a few issues that you must consider. Their portability makes them an easy target for theft and damage, so each unit has to be secured. Moreover, the software has to be safeguarded from unauthorized access and viruses. Tablets also need a wireless network to operate, which is an additional difficulty for the regular restaurant owner who may be struggling with PCI compliance. Also note that not all credit card processing applications for tablets have been certified by the PA-DSS for PCI compliance, and a number of them are easily hacked into.

An Efficient and Innovative Solution

Remember when online ordering first became popular? Companies who incorporated it into their businesses flourished, because they provided their patrons with a convenient option to avail of their services. These days, the novel technological trend is clearly the tablet. In fact, the number of businesses using tablet-based point-of-sale devices seems to be increasing constantly.

However, producing an efficient point-of-sale program for restaurants involves a laborious procedure; it must also include providing adequate support for the software. In addition, new software options are often dominated by better-recognized, long-established systems. Nonetheless, the market will shift and settle in time, revealing a few exceptional systems developed for use on the tablet.

Possibilities with the Cloud or a Local Server

With tablets now becoming the preferred device, numerous applications utilize the Cloud as a storage solution. In effect, you can access large amounts of data without needing to store everything on your device. Based on the current widespread use of the Cloud, it's quite apparent that computer users will come to depend on it even more in the near future.

One of the greatest benefits of Cloud storage is its constant availability. In effect, it increases productivity, as well as protects users from hardware malfunctions and theft. On the other hand, efficiency may also be hampered by an unpredictable internet server or Cloud service provider, even by limitations in the software itself. In addition, users need to pay monthly fees for storing and accessing information.

If you are yet uncertain about Cloud storage, a similar yet more practical option is to utilize a local server in your restaurant. All the important data can be stored and centralized, then accessed by authorized tablets when needed. This is a modest but feasible approach which prepares your business to move in stride with the current technological developments.

Advancing with the Technology

Technology progresses at a rapid rate, and tablets can be a suitable addition to your restaurant at present or in the near future. A number of establishments are currently using them for several functions, such as operating the point-of-sale system, endorsing promotions and programs, providing self-service ordering stations, and other on-table uses.

Remember that the tablet itself is simply the hardware, and the corresponding software has to be appraised separately for its suitability. Apart from weighing the pros and cons, restaurateurs simply need to consider the most appropriate time to apply this solution to their establishment.

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