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Restaurants as any other businesses have to constantly watch out for new technological devices that might be helpful in increasing the amount of satisfied customers. Explore the new food delivery options, discover the pros and cons of tablets in restaurants and  consider using new tools in your business.



Why to Utilize Tablets in Your Restaurant?

Laura Maudlin

As touchscreen technology became more prevalent, it provided new, cutting-edge alternatives for various businesses and industries, including restaurants. The tablet, in fact, offers many advantages as a point-of-sale system; because it's capable, convenient and quite affordable, it's an innovation that restaurateurs must consider for their establishment. Multiple Advantages Using tablets in a restaurant offers apparent benefits. First of all, a sleek, handy, reasonably-priced device is defin...
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Use Technology to Expand Your Restaurant Business

Samuel Dorsi

Nowadays, everyone has awe for attractive new electronic devices. With the launch of any new technological device, people queue up even if the latest innovation has just minute advanced features than its predecessors. The general belief prevailing is that all new devices are good, but are they really good to expand your business? Here are some common strategies that you can use to expand your restaurant business with the help of technology. If you want to increase your sales in the same store...

Minneapolis and the New Food Delivery Options

Wayne M. Gore

Having a handful of restaurants to select from was driving people crazy. They wanted to have an endless amount of choices. Improvements in technology have led to advancement in this field and hundreds of restaurants are within reach in major cities. Minneapolis for instance offers whatever the clients wish for. Delivery services have seen a rise in variety – GrubHub, Bite Squad and Doorstep Delivery are all available in the city. It has allowed residents to tap into the budding food market an...
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America’s Technology in Restaurants Needs to Catch Up

Sara Thopson

When you go into a restaurant and have your meal, doesn’t it annoy you to when you have to wait long time for the bill? It annoys many people in the United States. Only few of them however know that it doesn't have to be that way. Most people in the United States who enjoy eating out don't know that there could be a better way to pay for their meals. There are other countries, even in Polynesia, that have made the paying process much simpler and more efficient so that their guests are able to...