HERITAGE/ Have Fun – Remarkable Ferris Wheels

They are remarkable, they are amazing. Children love them and parents alike. Ferris wheels are a popular attraction in many amusement parks. Discover their 400 year long history and experience the most interesting wheels around the world.



Ferris Wheel – Remarkable Attraction for Everyone

James Morris

Among the many rides found in different amusement parks throughout the world, the Ferris wheel remains to be one of the most popular. Every day, thousands of people enjoy the rush and excitement of riding a Ferris wheel. But before the biggest, tallest and most exciting Ferris wheel rides were constructed, they have been known as "pleasure wheels". Have you ever wondered how the amazing Ferris wheels of today started? How It All Started Although the term "Ferris wheel" came from the name of ...

New York: The Tallest Ferris Wheel to Come

Anna Luebke

Every year, the City of New York attracts many visitors but it is soon to experience a drastic increase in tourist traffic with the underway plan to build the world's tallest Ferris wheel. With a projected height of 625 ft (190 m), it will be a staggering 84 ft (25 m) taller than Singapore Flyer that currently holds the record of the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. This magnificent wheel is to be built on the Staten Island waterfront along with a large hotel complex. A deal to start the co...

Fascinating Ferris Wheels Around the World

Andrea Hausold

Whether you are at the carnival with your kids and you want to give them a little thrill or you are hoping to steal a few minutes in privacy with the one you love, a Ferris wheel is a great thing to take a ride on. How could it not be when the first "pleasure wheels" were thought to exist as early as in the 17th century and it is still one of the most popular carnival attractions around? Add to that the fact that there are some very interesting Ferris wheels in use today all around the world. ...

Ferris Wheels Going Eccentric

Nils Kraus

A Ferris wheel is one of the most exciting forms of rides in the world. This involves taking a ride in a giant wheel that is held together by beams and structures that make one huge wheel with carts or carriages attached to it. The wheel rotates giving you a good view of the area. These wheels will also vary in size depending on the design. They are a major tourist attraction and are also known as observation wheels. There are a number of Ferris wheels around the world that are mostly used by...