Africa: Diving and Exploring a Remarkable Ship Wreck

James Morris - Apr 29, 2013
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Africa provides for some of the most lavish and exotic destinations in the world. Surrounded by all the oceans in the world and the Red Sea makes it one of the richest diving spots.

The continent is also laced by some of the most interesting cultures and traditions in the world. These have been fused with the availability of beautiful wilds laden with exotic wild animals in their natural habitat ranging from the lions to the mighty elephants.

The diving spots around Africa offer some of the best underwater views. They also host dome of the most interesting under sea creatures and features that are simply a haven. Here are four points that will do your diving experience justice while in Africa.

Aquarium, Mnemba Island, Tanzania

Tanzania is a beautiful country. The people are known for being polite and friendly with beautiful cultures and traditions. The country also comes with beautiful shorelines and some of the most interesting diving destinations. Mnemba Island is a tropical paradise with some of the bluest waters and life under it. This is a perfect place for beginners who want to try out diving with depths of up to twenty five meters. The visibility for the water is ten to forty-five meters. The diving location is three hundred and forty minutes from Mnemba Island Southwards. You will encounter turtles, trumpet fish, crocodile fish, butterfly fish and beautiful corals among many other flora and fauna making for a beautiful experience.

Aliwal Shoal, Umkomaas, South Africa

South Africa is secretly known as the touching ground for the continent of Africa. The diving spots in South Africa are numerous with a beautiful shore line. Umkomaas holds about one thousand two hundred species of sea life. Aliwal shoal got its famed name from the Aliwal ship that saw its end on the sandbar. You will get a glance at the ship and manta rays, canny turtles and bridle bass among many other creatures. You may also spot occasional whales and dolphins. The depths of the waters go up to 30 meters with a visibility of 10 to 30 meters. The spot is accessible by boat 3km off Umkomaas.


SS Thistlegorm, Red Sea, Egypt

This is one of the most interesting wrecks in history. The SS Thistlegorm comes with 70 years of rust under water. It was a transport ship that saw an unfortunate end in the Red Sea. It was brought down by a German bomb as it was carrying British supplies. The ship was carrying motorbikes, trucks, rifles, armored cars, vehicle parts, trailers, rubber boats and radios that currently sit at the bottom of the sea. The dive takes one around the magnificent ship with a view of some really old war weaponry. The depth of the sea is 30 meters with a 30 meter visibility.

Sha'ab Rumi South, Sudan

This is one of the most undisturbed diving sites in the world. The reason for this is because of the political climate in Sudan. There is a lot to see here including an observation set up that was established by Jacques Cousteau in 1963 for the purpose of studying underwater survival. The area is also laden with silky sharks, hammer heads, parrot fish and a fascinating shark cleaning station for the gray reef sharks. The visibility of the water goes to 10 to 30 meters with a sixty five meter depth. The diving spot is a few kilometers from Sha'ab Rumi in south Sudan.

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