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Africa is a big continent with great amount of unique places worth visiting. Remarkable mountains, stunning waterfalls, and intriguing culture – Africa has it all. It is thus not an easy task to choose the top destinations for would be travelers. invites you nevertheless to visit the following must-see places in alphabetical order.

Cape Town

South Africa

Cape Town is the best part of any tour to South Africa. The city has a natural beauty that makes it a place worth visiting. It has numerous attractive beaches and the exciting Table Mountain in the center of the city. Cape Town’s wines and restaurants remain world class as well. Among the top attractions is the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront for dining and shopping, Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years, Cape Town's beaches, Table Mountain, and the Winelands.



Djenne is among the oldest sub-Saharan cities. Located on the Niger River delta it was founded in 800 AD a few miles from Timbuktu. The city used to be a natural hub for many traders who ferried their commodities between forests of Guinea and the Sahara desert. Through those years, Djenne became an Islamic learning center and the marketplace is still occupied by the attractive Grand Mosque.

Great Pyramids of Giza


This is one of the greatest architectural achievements around the world. Built more than five thousand years ago, the Great Pyramids of Giza is among the oldest tourist attractions in the whole world. In fact there are three Pyramids in Giza; first is the Khufu or Cheops, second is Kafhre and third is the Menkaura.



Marrakech city is located at the base of Atlas Mountains. This city is noisy, large, polluted and yet highly attractive. There are numerous things to see and do in Marrakech. You should hang out in Riad in the Medina; this part of town has all the action. You should not miss the Majorelle Gardens to get some lovely breathing space before visiting Djemma el Fnaa, the heart of Medina.

Masai Mara


If you would love to see the big five in one fine morning, you need to visit Masai Mara. July to October is a dry season in Kenya and the wildlife sight is amazing. Also, there is no other place in the world where you can observe the migration of over one million wildebeest from an air balloon.

Mount Kilimanjaro


Mount Kilimanjaro found in Tanzania is the world’s tallest standing mountain. It is not easy to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro since it takes 6 full days. The most exciting thing is that if you are fit and determined you will conquer it. No special equipment needed, just determination.

Mountain Gorillas in Virunga Mountains

Uganda, Rwanda, DRC

Do you know there are about seven hundred mountain gorillas in the whole world? Having a chance to see these gorillas in the wild is something a small number of people will ever experience. About three hundred mountain gorillas live in a volcanic region known as Virunga Range. The region is in the borders of Uganda, DRC and Rwanda in East Africa.

Omo River Region


The best destination for holiday combining cultural adventure with white-river rafting is Ethiopia’s Omo River Region. It is a remote area only accessible by 4 wheel drive but a fascinating destination. Beliefs and customs for more than fifty tribes living here are so much intact. The good thing is to be assisted since it is not easy to tour the region on your own. This will also help you learn and understand different cultures around the region.

Victoria Falls

Zambia, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls lies between these two countries found in southern Africa. The falls are over one mile wide and 355 feet high. Being in this place is amazing, it is like being in a torrential rainstorm especially during the wet seasons where over five million liters of water fall into Zambezi River. The spray generated after the water fall shoots not less than 1000 feet high and can be heard and seen by people 30 miles away.



Zanzibar in Tanzania is among the Africa’s top destinations. This is because it has fascinating history and incredible beaches. It is located in Tanzania and has kept its traditions for many years. Zanzibar became famous for its spices. Also, it was an important post for slave trade under Arab rulers. The influence of Arabs is much alive in Zanzibar, particularly in Stone Town with the Sultan's palace and many mosques. This is the island’s major tourist attraction.

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