Chris Grad - Jun 17, 2008
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To present diving as one of the most favorite and wide-spread holiday activities and passionate hobbies is not necessary today. Diving seems to have become more like a religion than a leisure activity for many.


The charm of marine life is breathtaking and every dive is a new adventure. For decades, divers from all over the world have been creating charts of the best of the best diving destinations. A complete agreement is highly unlikely to ever be established; however, there are specific locations which attract more diving enthusiasts than others.


Divers who are fascinated by a search for treasure may get a taste of discovering the long-lost in Brazilian waters. For centuries, the marine fights with the colonists were taking place near the coast and thus, dozens of shipwrecks are scattered on the ocean bed. Local crystal clear waters with high visibility are perfect. The hot-spot here is the ‘Blue Grotto’ – a 25-metre dive where divers see numerous wrecks, pass through canyons and tunnels and occasionally run across turtles, sea horses and moray eels.


The Spanish Lanzarote is also an attractive island which is located very near the West African coast. Its terrain both above and under the waves is extremely interesting. It is of a rather intricate volcanic origin and currently these formations are Lanzarote’s most appealing tourist magnet. The abundance of marine life is quite rewarding. The whole area is protected by the UNESCO since 1994 and luckily is preserved and clean.


Diving in Malaysia is a proof that an affordable paradise does exist. The Pehentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil count as the two most popular diving islands. Both are very secluded yet stand-up to often over-praised Thailand diving.

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