ADVENTURE/ Go Deep! World’s Best Dive Spots

Scuba diving opens the door to fascinating worlds under the sea. Explore a number of enthralling diving spots around the world – discover wrecks, coral reefs and rich marine life.



Diving in Africa – A Ship Wreck and Rich Marine Life

James Morris

Africa provides for some of the most lavish and exotic destinations in the world. Surrounded by all the oceans in the world and the Red Sea makes it one of the richest diving spots. The continent is also laced by some of the most interesting cultures and traditions in the world. These have been fused with the availability of beautiful wilds laden with exotic wild animals in their natural habitat ranging from the lions to the mighty elephants. The diving spots around Africa offer some of the be...

Top 12 Diving Sites in Asia-Pacific

Tourism Review News Desk

Discover a spectacular world under the sea. Pack your scuba gear for a visit to the best diving sites in Asia-Pacific – and don't forget your underwater camera. 1. Bikini Atoll (Marshall Islands) Halfway between Hawaii and Australia lie the tiny Marshall Islands, home of the Bikini Atoll. It's a diver's delight where you will find a breath-taking assemblage of shipwrecks and a bomb crater on the ocean floor. 2. Bismarck Sea (Papua New Guinea) Aquatic adventurers can behold an extraordinary d...

Get Ready for Diving in Australia

Alec Hills

With a coastline of 47,000 km, Australia has a lot of opportunities for diving compared to any country in the world. If you travel along the coastal routes at almost each and every stop, you will see people diving in the local waters and others offering cruises. From the tropical waters in the North to the cool waters off the southern coastline, if you are a diver, you will be spoilt for choice. The following are some of the diving destinations for both a professional diver and a learner. Yon...

Dive Deep in the Caribbean Sea

Richard Moor

If you are looking for great diving trips and sites on islands around the Caribbean Sea, you will find yourself spoilt for choice with what is on offer in terms of the equipment, lessons and excursions available. St. Croix It is not yet as popular as Grand Cayman, but St. Croix definitely has a lot to offer you. Whether you prefer or are interested in wall dives, nighttime dives, wreck dives, reef dives or beach dives, you will find these all here. Undoubtedly, the highlight for divers at St...