Gregory Dolgos - Aug 21, 2007
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Scuba diving belongs to the most popular water sports and activities; it is not excessively physically demanding and the experience of observing the marine life and the world under water is simply unbelievable. Many enthusiasts claim, that once anyone tries scuba diving, he can’t part with it. There are thousands of diving destinations all around the planet; however, some are better than the others.


The qualities of a diving destination vary according to personal tastes of the adventurers. Clearly, the water needs to be pure and clean. High visibility is one of the most important characteristics every diver is curious about. Many marine admirers long to enjoy the colorfulness of the coral reefs; they wish to discover the strikingly colorful sea creatures and the rich fauna living in the coral environment. Others prefer a more dangerous and exciting activity: exploring the shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea. Also, visiting the underwater caves counts as a very appealing sport.


Those who enjoy the rich marine life will appreciate the shallow diving of Bonaire, the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, or Cocos Island in Costa Rica and Bali in Indonesia. Sunken ships are best observed in the Sudanese Red Sea or Coron Island, Philippines. Reportedly, great under-water action, sunken ships and beautiful coral reefs all at one spot are not a dreamer’s hallucination. Palau, a group of 200 islands in the Pacific Ocean offers this great opportunity.


Also, La Romana in the Dominican Republic is a famous diving destination.  Here, the must-see attraction – apart from several ancient shipwrecks – are the ‘cenotes’, or underground caverns. There are more that 28 sites to explore here, including the frequented spot National Park of the East or the underwater archeological reserves of Guadalupe and Guaraguao.

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