Tourism Review Online Magazine 1 / 2015

Dec 29, 2014

Dear readers

Welcome to the January issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine. Start the new year by exploring Ghana and its remarkable national parks and culture. Read about the challenges of tourism in the country in the Destination supplement. The heritage of the Black Continent, or rather African Americans, is also the topic of the Heritage part. Join the “black tours” in Amsterdam, Rio or even Paris and prepare to be amazed.

If you are planning your next vacation perhaps you will consider the services of travel agents. When to go for their help and when to “do it yourself”? Open the Professional supplement. New airlines are the theme of the Transport part presenting new lines from China, India as well as North America. First of all, however, get ready for some adrenalin holidays in the jungle and read the Adventure supplement.

All the best to you in 2015!

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ The Heritage of African Americans

Chris Grad

- Dec 29, 2014

The Black Heritage Tours are growing in popularity in many interesting places around the world – not only in the U.S. but also South America as well as in the good old Europe. Discover the history of African expatriates in Paris, Amsterdam, Brazilian Salvador and DC.

PROFESSIONAL/ Do It Yourself Travel – Pros and Cons

Cecilia Garland

- Dec 29, 2014

Travel agents may seem useless and obsolete in the time of internet and booking websites. However, even today their professional services are indispensable for many travelers, especially exploring new destinations abroad. Even if on DIY holidays, be wise and stay safe.

ADVENTURE/ Surfing the Jungle!

Pat Hyland

- Dec 29, 2014

Jungle lures many travelers with an adventurous soul. Discover the world of Australian rainforest from the treetops; explore the wilderness of Nepalese jungle or the heritage of Maya in Guatemala.

DESTINATION/ Ghana Connected to Nature

Samuel Dorsi

- Dec 29, 2014

Ghana attracts great amount of tourists coming to West Africa to explore the wilderness as well as local culture. Ghana however is fighting a couple of challenges in tourism including the infrastructure and promotion.