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Dan Rang - Dec 29, 2014
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It is not uncommon to hear that today's travel agents are on their way to extinction, specifically since they are part of a dying breed. With the increase in demand for do-it-yourself booking resources Expedia.com and Travelocity.com, the new transition is completely wiping out the need for travel agencies.

In fact, recently Yahoo was reported as declaring the career of a travel agent as on the list of dead end jobs. However, these statements are not necessarily true, especially because travel agents still have a specific place in this industry. According to members of the American Society of Travel Agents, travel agents are responsible for booking over 144 million vacations annually, which is more than $17 billion in revenue (2012 Annual Figures from ASTA).

With this being said, this career is going through a transition since the goal and objectives are to change this perception and upgrade it accordingly. Based on information provided by the VP of ASTA, John Pittman advocates changing the original terms of travel agent to travel professional as one of the first things. Then, people will begin to understand there is a broader range of duties that now fall under this umbrella. Many of which include functioning as the liaisons between travelers, airlines and hotels.

It is also important to note that these professionals are also tasked with networking across multiple platforms to assist their clients with booking numerous kinds of fun vacations. Therefore, the resources that they use can even include DIY sites to complete the accommodations. Simply stated, the travel agents of yesterday are focusing on adapting their craft to the changing environment.

While these new demands are prompting additional requirements, CEO's like Jeff Klee on DIY-booking website (CheapAir.com) have also made the appropriate announcements by offering special deals to all of their customers. The special deal that they are offering involves providing direct access to a travel adviser. These advisers can be contacted directly by telephone or by email messaging. Once contacted, these travel advisers can make the necessary modifications to the booking. For instance, the travel adviser can assist the person with dealing with trip delays and cancellations. Or, they may choose to simply organize various other elements that have been requested by the client (i.e. booking, reservations for cars and hotel reservations, when needed). Therefore, it is important for people to know when they should use a travel agent. Here are four examples:

Traveling Abroad

Traveling from one country to another can become complex and expensive quickly, especially when people are not familiar with all of the things that will need to be done. From making sure people have the right visas and passport requirements to understanding the customs in a different country, there is a lot involved. With the assistance of a travel agent, travelers will not only get the best travel vacation packages, but also have peace in mind that they are completely prepared for any event that may occur.

Honey Moon Travel Plans

Even though all of the plans entailed in getting through a wedding successfully is critical, the honeymoon is still important too. One of the best ways to handle this part of the couples’ new union is to farm these plans out to a professional that will not only save money, but also help the couple with having a great time when they arrive at their destination. In fact, because they have the expertise, they are normally able to provide the happy couple with a room upgrade and other honey moon perks that come along with the packages that these travel professionals make.

Cruise Travel

Even though planning a cruise for the family or friends may sound easy, there are a lot of things that must be considered in advance, from getting the best rates for every event that will occur during the trip to making sure the itinerary is complete, the travel professionals in this industry have completed a lot of training hours to make sure each of their client’s cruise experience is not only satisfying but over the top.

Theme Park Vacations

Some theme park vacations are good deals, while others may be fair. Which means, sometimes people may not have the extensive experience needed to make a distinctions between each. However, for those who hire travel professionals to make the booking, they can expect to pay less when they are paying for the tickets for the park, food and the lodging that everyone will need.


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