PROFESSIONAL/ Do It Yourself Travel – Pros and Cons

Travel agents may seem useless and obsolete in the time of internet and booking websites. However, even today their professional services are indispensable for many travelers, especially exploring new destinations abroad. Even if on DIY holidays, be wise and stay safe.



With or Without the Travel Agent – That Is the Question

Gary Diskin

No matter how you look at it, organising your travels is always an exciting journey. These days, much of this has become a digital experience. Certainly increasing efficiency, but perhaps also taking away some of the fundamental thrill... The travel landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade with the advent of online booking, abundant of information and review sites, GPS, and now mobiles/apps. No doubt, the introduction of low cost airlines has also been a major game-changer. Th...

Excellent Tips to Travel in China on a Budget

Dan Rang

As compared to most destinations in Southeast Asia, China is quite expensive to travel, especially when it comes to long train journeys and entrance tickets to major tourist attractions. However, you can still manage to travel in China on a budget of $50 a day. Moreover, you will be still able to allow yourself some luxuries, such as single rooms in hostels and good seats on trains. Here are some tips for traveling in China on your own.  Stay in Hostels  It’s worth mentioning that budget hos...
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Travel Agent – Always Ready to Help and Find the Deals

Dan Rang

It is not uncommon to hear that today's travel agents are on their way to extinction, specifically since they are part of a dying breed. With the increase in demand for do-it-yourself booking resources and, the new transition is completely wiping out the need for travel agencies. In fact, recently Yahoo was reported as declaring the career of a travel agent as on the list of dead end jobs. However, these statements are not necessarily true, especially because trave...
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Preparing for DIY Holidays? Be Wise and Stay Safe

Gregory Dolgos

Though it is easier to just hire an experienced travel agent to arrange a good holiday for you, sometimes you need to focus on a sense of accomplishment and ownership with a DIY route. With these tips, you can plan the perfect trip for yourself. Choose the Destination Wisely Most people just look at a couple of places before choosing a destination. It is important to consider some important things, and choose holiday site wisely. For instance, you need to consider the season at your destinati...