Ebola Free Ghana Attracts Tourists

Tourism Review News Desk - Dec 29, 2014
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Ghana's Minister of Tourism, the Honorable Elizabeth Ofosu-Adjare recently spoke to Osibisa Radio in London to promote Ghana as a burgeoning tourism industry. Mrs. Ofosu-Adjare invited agents and tourists, the world over, to discover first hand, all that Ghana has to offer, including luxurious hotels and resorts, pristine beaches, historic castles and forts, the world's largest manmade lake and a world class, game reserve. The Minster said that Ghana has "a bit of everything West Africa" has to offer.

Over the past decade, tourism initiatives have contributed substantially to Ghana's economic growth and development. As an example, tourism has created a demand for hundreds of new jobs, examples of which include hotel receptionists, tour guides, chefs and performers. 

Mrs. Ofosu-Adjare assured that Ghana would remain Ebola free. After reiterating that not a single case of Ebola had been recorded in Ghana, she spoke about the preventative and combative measures which the government had put in place to deal with the Ebola outbreak. To date, a treatment and isolation center has been set up in Tema, whilst two additional treatment centers are set to be built in Kumasi and Tamale. 

The Minister described Ghana's stringent border security procedures which involve each and every passenger being screened for Ebola, prior to being admitted entry into Ghana. Due to Ghana's stringent security processes Mrs. Ofosu-Adjare remains confident that Ghana will remain Ebola free. 

The Minister also spoke at length about the government's multifaceted plans to combat the Ebola virus, which include investing in public education programs, which will run the length and breadth of the country as well as investing in extensive Ebola focused training programs aimed at both local and international nurses and doctors. 

The Minister also spoke about the important role which Ghana's president John Mahama is playing in West Africa's fight against Ebola. Mr. Mahama has offered Ghana as a West African base for the UN and partnering organizations to use as a logistical center. Mr. Mahama has also offered for Ghana to serve as an air bridge to affected African countries.

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