HERITAGE/ The Heritage of African Americans

The Black Heritage Tours are growing in popularity in many interesting places around the world – not only in the U.S. but also South America as well as in the good old Europe. Discover the history of African expatriates in Paris, Amsterdam, Brazilian Salvador and DC.



Washington, DC: Exploring the Black History of the City

Pat Hyland

It is often forgotten that Washington DC was once a sleepy southern town, and there were many free and genteel black households even while there was slavery further south. The city's history is therefore rich with stories from its African-American heritage and visitors today can get a glimpse of some of this black history through several educational tours. Many of these are offered by Cultural Tourism DC, a nonprofit organization that offers great in-depth and well-researched tours to those that...

African Heritage: Brazil in the New Light

Theodore Slate

Brazil is known throughout the world for many things: sandy beaches, great football, samba schools that perform every year in the famous and colorful Rio Carnival, and for one of the most iconic images that makes its way into the media every so often, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, towering over Rio de Janeiro with its arms wide open. While all of the above are staples of Brazilian society and culture, another important aspect is often overlooked, even though it influenced the others throug...

Touring Paris and Its African History

Richard Moor

Few cities in the world have played such an important part in the lives of their inhabitants and even fewer in the lives of visitors, be they tourists or temporary residents. One of these cities is Paris. The French capital has gotten its fame throughout centuries and earned a place in the heart of many, people who carried its charm and fragments of rich culture wherever the road took them afterwards. No particular group can claim Paris for themselves, simply because the – now known as – City...

Remarkable Journey: The Black Heritage Amsterdam Tour

Sara Thopson

The Black Heritage Amsterdam Tour has the goal of motivating and informing its numerous visitors about the relationship between the people that came from Africa and the Netherlands: how its culture and history have been, and continue to be, impacted by them. Jennifer Tosch is the tour guide. She teaches history from an Africa-oriented point of view, in her fascinating and particular journey. She unveils the invisible African influence that the expert eye can find in the art, historical buildings...