TRANSPORT/ New Airlines Conquering the World

A number of new airlines are to be launched next year. Do they have much chances of survival? What are the challenges?



North America: New Airlines Trying to Reach the Sky

Gary Diskin

About 200 new airlines have been started in United States and Canada since deregulation. Unfortunately, only a handful of them survived which include West Jet, Virgin America, Porter, Spirit, Sun Country, (the new) Frontier, JetBlue and Allegiant. Surviving start-ups airlines both in Canada and U.S. focused on a combination of low fares and reduced cost. Airlines such as Frontier, Spirit and West jet transported economic products at competitive fares. On the other hand, JetBlue and Porter sold a...

Western Canada Welcoming Ultra Low-Cost Airlines

Kevin Eagan

The ever-growing demand for air travel in Western Canada has prompted new, ultra low-cost airlines to be established there. Air transportation services have been rapidly developing in Canada, paving the way for a new line that is much more affordable for everyone. Two new airlines, Jet Naked and Jetlines, are set to launch within two years if they raise enough startup capital. These new lines will offer routes to less-frequented areas for a far less expensive fee than some of the big name airli...

China: 19 New Airlines with Uncertain Future

Daniel A. Tanner

China's heavily state-owned and somewhat inefficient network of airlines was given a shake-up with the government's announcement in November 2013 of a plan to introduce a new framework of low cost carriers and other new types of full service airlines.  There had been a six-year moratorium on new airlines in the past that was lifted as a result of this new drive by the country to bring busier aviation scenes to its Eastern and Western areas. As a result, a number of new passenger airlines (19, a...

Indian Sky to Witness Three New Airlines in 2015

Richard Moor

Air Pegasus, Air One and Premier Airways are all set to take flight and join AirAsia and Vistara among the ranks of India's newest airlines. They will be ready to start flights in mid-2015. These additions mainly show how aviation professionals and investors are taking bold moves by creating new airlines for national and regional routes. Sadly, the existing airlines continue to fall in revenue and are stuck in debt. First to launch and take off is Air Pegasus. The airline is being promoted b...