Tourism Review Online Magazine 2 / 2016

Mar 28, 2016

Dear readers

The spring is finally here and with that you can enjoy the latest issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine. All those who desire a bit warmer climate mixed with some adventure, open the Medical supplement discussing African spas and the boom of wellness industry on the African continent. Indigenous tours are the topic of the Heritage part presenting the unique communities of Senegal, Thailand, British Columbia, or Ethiopia.

Train lovers will definitely appreciate the Destination supplement presenting all the beauties of the longest rail in the world – the Trans-Siberian railway. While on the road most people take pictures of all those fascinating objects, people and animals they encounter. The Ethical supplement however highlights several issues we should consider before taking photographs or selfies. The climate change and its impact on several world cities is the theme of the Professional part explaining the dangers of rising sea level and floods. Enjoy the issue!

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Explore the Indigenous World

Daniel A. Tanner

- Mar 28, 2016

Remarkable, fascinating, unique – indigenous people are a huge attraction for many travelers, all the more since these tours are not meant for crowds but rather small groups of visitors. Explore the interesting culture and traditions of peoples from Senegal, Ethiopia, British Columbia, Chile, New Zealand, and Thailand.

PROFESSIONAL/ Climate Change – A Threat to Cities

Samuel Dorsi

- Mar 28, 2016

Many coastal towns and cities closely watch any news about the progress of climate change and rising waters. The lives of millions of people around the world are to be changed by the effects of climate change in the coming decades. Alexandria, Venice, Guanzhou, and London can feel the impact even now.

MEDICAL/ Africa for Spa Goers

Sara Thopson

- Mar 28, 2016

The African continent may seem untouched by the spa culture of the western world. Many however already know that the wellness industry is developing fast in a number of African countries offering something special to the clients – the touch of African culture.

ETHICAL/ Social Media, Selfies and Ethics

Nik Fes

- Mar 28, 2016

Taking pictures while on holiday is so natural that not many tourists would even consider they should think twice before taking a photograph of some interesting object, person or animal. However, there are several issues related to the ethics of taking selfies and other pictures and sharing them online.

DESTINATION/ Trans-Siberian Rail Journeys

Samuel Dorsi

- Mar 28, 2016

The Trans-Siberian railway is one of the most fascinating rail lines around the world. Discover the various cultures on the way, explore Moscow, Baikal as well as Ulaanbaatar. Get ready for a journey of a life time.