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Remarkable, fascinating, unique – indigenous people are a huge attraction for many travelers, all the more since these tours are not meant for crowds but rather small groups of visitors. Explore the interesting culture and traditions of peoples from Senegal, Ethiopia, British Columbia, Chile, New Zealand, and Thailand.



Indigenous Tourism: Authentic, Educational and Culturally Exciting

Nik Fes

Over the past two decades in Canada, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, a great deal of thought and money has been invested by governments, native communities, and individual aboriginal entrepreneurs in delivering authentic indigenous experiences to visitors from around the world. As respect for indigenous cultures continues to grow rapidly in the 21st century so too has a sincere desire by travelers to learn about the values that reflect distinctive relationships with nature, traditional and ...

Top Five Must-See Places to Experience Indigenous Culture

Theodore Slate

The International day of the Indigenous People, celebrated all over the world on August 9 every year, was declared as a special day by the United Nations in 1994 in order to facilitate international cooperation for solving indigenous people’s problems. It aims to focus on environmental conservation, socioeconomic development, cultural heritage preservation and improvement of basic human rights and ensuring better access to healthcare as well as education. When it comes to areas with indigenous ...

Women with Neck Coils – The Impact of Tourism

Sara Thopson

Tourism is big business in Thailand but there is one area of the tourism sector that can come in for criticism – indigenous tourism. The indigenous people of northern Thailand are a massive draw for tourists and the biggest attraction of them all are the neck-ring wearing Paduang women, many of whom live and work in the Chiang Mai Province. Some feel that these women are being used to make a quick buck and that native culture is being damaged. Others, including many of the women themselves, wou...

Ethiopia – A Living Museum of Remarkable Cultures

Pat Hyland

Ethiopia is one of the tourist destinations, which for a long time now have been hidden from the eyes of the world. However, the country's tourism industry has been on the rise, and it is slowly establishing itself as one of the emerging tourist destinations in the world. It is a safe country with a lot of attractions, which offer a unique and rewarding experience to the visitors. However, one of the most amazing things about Ethiopia is the indigenous cultures of the local people. Ethiopia i...