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Taking pictures while on holiday is so natural that not many tourists would even consider they should think twice before taking a photograph of some interesting object, person or animal. However, there are several issues related to the ethics of taking selfies and other pictures and sharing them online.



The Ethics of Taking Photographs

Daniel A. Tanner

Taking photographs has become a far-reaching addiction in the last couple of years. And this is not just among the teenagers, but even the elderly is now becoming addicts of taking photographs. It is now quite common to see a grown up spending the most of his or her holiday or business trip taking pictures for the social media account and other uses. Taking photos is not a bad thing, but the question is, do the photographers know when to hold back and say “no this is not right I shouldn’t take ...

Taking Animal Selfie – Risky Business for All Parties

Samuel Dorsi

Selfies have become an important part of photography for tourists as people turn the camera on themselves to showcase their adventures and encounters. These snaps provide a quick method of capturing a moment and sharing it with the world through social media. For some travelers, this can also mean animal encounters. As more tourist attractions allow animal selfies and more travelers take ill-advised selfies with wild creatures, it is time to make sure that all tourists understand the dangers of ...
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Selfie Stick Gets Forbidden at Several Attractions

Tourism Review News Desk

While in Spain, participating in a bull run, a man was killed by one of the bulls, a teenager died while touching live wires and a tourist from Japan fell down the stairs of the Taj Mahal. These are three out of twelve victims that died while taking a selfie with a selfie stick in 2015. Since tourists can't stop themselves from taking selfies while being reckless, tourist sites are doing it for them by banning the selfie stick. Many think it's worth it to put themselves at risk for the sake o...
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Luxury Hotels Offer Free Stays for Pictures on Social Media

Nils Kraus

In just a few years, social media have risen to become one of the most effective marketing channels, with the ability to reach millions of potential customers all over the world. It is thus not surprising that a new trend in the hospitality industry is emerging, where luxury hotels are giving away free stays to active people on social media, especially Instagram, who recognize their brands.  One such case of a social media blogger who travels and takes pictures about the properties she stays ...