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The African continent may seem untouched by the spa culture of the western world. Many however already know that the wellness industry is developing fast in a number of African countries offering something special to the clients – the touch of African culture.


Wellness Tourism in Sub-Saharan Africa Steadily Developing SPA

Wellness Tourism in Sub-Saharan Africa Steadily Developing

Theodore Slate

Africa's image suffers, and it has been suffering for ages. The rest of the world only hears about Somali pirates, Ebola outbreaks, the poverty, violence and famine that plague the continent. However, Africa is going through changes, much like any other region on the planet. And many of these changes are for the better.  The Global Wellness Institute has shown, in their yearly report, that Africa and especially the Sub-Saharan region became the market with the fastest registered growth when i...
South African Spa Resorts Offer Local Ingredients SPA

South African Spa Resorts Offer Local Ingredients

Samuel Dorsi

African-based treatments can be found in many resorts throughout South Africa. Local African spa procedures are about healing of the body, mind, and soul and they make use of sacred and ancient knowledge to provide users a pleasurable and healthy experience. Recognized spas in the country that focus on African-inspired spa treatments are the Fordoun, the Mangwanani, and the Falaza spas.  Fordoun Spa located at Nottingham Road at the Kwa Zulu-Natal Midlands, is not an average spa. Owned by Dr....
Hammam – The Star of Moroccan Wellness SPA

Hammam – The Star of Moroccan Wellness

Pat Hyland

The enchanting land of Morocco presents a multitude of experiences, among which are its flourishing health and wellness offerings. The country has indeed seen developments in its tourism industry lately, and the local spas have particularly cultivated a significant market.  Morocco has proven to be a very desirable destination for travelers, despite not being known to be as sophisticated as its West Asian and Eastern European neighbors. For one matter, the country’s subtropical climate is an...
Top 5 Spa Resorts in Kenya SPA

Top 5 Spa Resorts in Kenya

Theodore Slate

Sometimes, you feel like getting pampered and you look out for more than what hotels typically offer to you. Spa resorts in Kenya can provide exactly what you are looking for. In fact, booking your accommodation in a local spa is a great idea if you are on a safari, business or beach vacation trip. Spa resorts in Kenya are a great place to relax after a day of hectic activity in the savanna, bustling Nairobi or Mombasa coast. Leopard Beach Resort and Spa in Diani Beach This is an outstanding...