Trans-Siberian – Experience Different Cultures

Samuel Dorsi - Mar 28, 2016
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Truly the world's most fascinating railway, the Trans-Siberian will be a century old in 2016. From Moscow, across the Ural Mountains and breathtaking steppe and along the shore of the Baikal lake, the Trans-Siberian connects east and west. More importantly, it offers people the chance to make new connections of their own, while together on a great trip.

Diversity in Culture

Long roads are great for making conversation with the passengers sitting next to you, a chance for a cultural give-and-take where you learn a bit about their cultures and provide insight into your own background. Russians themselves are quite welcoming, talkative and friendly, however, once on the Trans-Siberian, you'll encounter many other nationalities, each with their fascinating particularities. So even if you embarked solely to reach your destination, be ready to experience much more.

All trains respect the Moscow clock, no matter how far into Asia you may find yourself, something that you won't want to forget if you want to catch the train on time. If you plan on making stops, make sure to buy tickets for every segment of the trip. You may feel like walking around the Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok, or through the Forbidden City in Beijing, or perhaps test the Baikal waters. If you'd like an in-depth view of Siberia, we recommend choosing the BAM, or Baikal-Amur Mainline.

Slow Pace

Once almost impossible to reach and explore due to nature's vagaries, many locations on the Trans-Siberian route are now made available to you, as long as your budget, time and imagination permits it. If you're in a rush, it's best to avoid the long train ride. The Trans-Siberian moves with an average of 60 kilometers per hour. Yet the harsh outside environment stays in stark contrast with the comfort that the ride offers. Online ticketing and hostels to remind you of Europe make the experience more enjoyable. 

A Jewel in The Tsars' Crown

While there are many trains out there that take their passengers on fascinating, long trips, none can truly compare to the Trans-Siberian and the unforgettable feeling that travelers get during the ride. Truly considered one of Russia's jewels, the above name now refers to a plethora of railroad tracks, all crossing no less than 7 different time zones on their way to the Pacific. After enduring wars, revolutions, harsh weather and natural catastrophes, the Trans-Siberian remains the iron thread that ties the whole of Eurasia together.

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