HERITAGE/ Nostalgic Travel with Heritage Railways

Heritage railways offer a unique way to learn about the history. Enjoy remarkable views, beautiful nature and mountains, and admire the great engineering skills of the rail designers. Explore the beauty of the heritage railway in the UK, France, Switzerland as well as India.



Live Your Dreams: Take a Ride on Britain’s Heritage Railways

Sara Thopson

A new steam locomotive is to awe passengers in the UK. The construction work of the most powerful steam engine in Britain has been started in Scunthorpe. The creator of the design of the locomotive is Sir Nigel Gresley, the flying Scotsman, who conceived it already in the 1930s. The profiling of the No. 2007 Prince of Wales locomotive’s steel frames will be carried out at the Tata Steel plant located in Lincolnshire, marking the first important stage in the manufacture of the locomotive that wei...

Explore the Toy Trains of India

James Morris

When we look in on India from the outside and consider their railway systems we instantly think of the scale, noise and slightly scary journey that passengers make in their determined masses and segregated carriages, barely a gap between passengers and few barriers between passengers and tracks. This is the railway system of the resident and commuter and while this is indeed something to experience, the heritage lines may be more appealing to tourists looking for a more relaxed approach to seei...

Swiss Heritage Railway Takes Passengers to the Summit

Gregory Dolgos

The Swiss knew of Brienz Rothorn, as early as 1829, even before the construction of the Rothorn railway. The Rothorn – the summit of the meeting point of three cantons Lucerne, Bern and Obwalden – was marked off with the help of a granite stone as the key observation point of the Bernese Oberland after Faulhorn. It is not known as to how Rothorn, meaning red bugle or red horn, got its name, but dozens of mountains in Switzerland are known by the name Rothorn. Railway History The Rigi mountai...

The Little Yellow Train of the Pyrenees

Justin N. Froyd

France boasts of numerous spectacular scenes that have for a long time been must-visit destinations for millions of tourists. The Yellow Train of the Pyrenees is one of the many attractions. It is a unique route that ranks among the top railway journeys you can enjoy in this world. Despite having been first commissioned in 1909, the meter-gauge railway that is also electric, has stood the test of time and is still running strong.  From its lower terminal at Villefranche de Conflent that is at...