PROFESSIONAL/ Climate Change – A Threat to Cities

Many coastal towns and cities closely watch any news about the progress of climate change and rising waters. The lives of millions of people around the world are to be changed by the effects of climate change in the coming decades. Alexandria, Venice, Guanzhou, and London can feel the impact even now.



Seven Cities Endangered by Climate Change

Ashley Nault

Ice caps are slowly melting away and ocean levels are rising. Even skeptics tend to agree that a century from now, water will conquer the outskirts of entire continents and while there, engulf whole cities. By 2100, the sea level is bound to rise by at least 6 feet, thus it is advisable to visit these seven cities while you still can. Venice Venice already has a leg up in this race for extinction, or maybe one foot in the grave. Its roads are canals and everyone travels by boat. Even so, come ...

Alexandria Threatened to Lose Its Treasures Thanks to Floods

Bill Alen

Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt and an important tourist destination for international visitors that are keen to learn about the culture and history of the nation. Its ancient treasures lie beyond the tourist-friendly beaches and there is a lot to learn and to see. The problem is that climate change is threatening to send another large area of the city underwater and there is little to be done to stop it. The Nile Delta has always been prone to floods, but recently the situatio...

Rising Water Puts China's Third Largest City at Risk

Samuel Dorsi

China's commitment to green energy and its developing approach to climate change and environmental issues is great news for the world as a whole as it brings us closer to reducing global emissions. The problem is that in one major city on China's coast, large scale development and rising water levels have led to major problems and lives and industries there are now at great risk. China has long been seen as country that doesn't view environmental issues and climate change in the same way as o...

Haphazard Construction and the Impact of Climate Change Threaten Mombasa

Theodore Slate

Now may just be the right – and only – time for tourists who wish to visit Mombasa to do so, as the city, located on Kenya's coastal line, is at risk of soon being submerged by the rising sea level, scientists say. This is obviously quite worrying news, but not just for Kenya or any tourist wanting to enjoy the local beaches. In fact, this dire prospect can cause big problems in the whole region, as the Lamu Port Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport, one of the region's biggest construction proj...